Friday, December 26, 2014

Quiet. Day 6

It's quiet.  

The day after Christmas is always anti-climactic. The tree looks bare without the presents, the decorations on the buffet finally have their own light coat of dust.  It's almost time to put them away.  It's quiet.

LOL, isn't it nice?  

After the frantic day of waking up early and rushing rushing rushing... isn't it nice?  I used to think this time between Christmas day and the New Year was a touch depressing.  The relatives slowly recede into their own homes and own lives.  The Christmas cookies at the office are stale and in large crumbs.  The department stores sneakily change the ribbon on the display boxes from Christmas gold to Valentine white. It's quiet.

Now all I can think, isn't it nice?

After a season of giving your home, you money and yourself to others, it's time to focus on yourself.  There are no blaring songs of snow and joy on the radio.  The cell phone doesn't buzz with texts of plans and times.  The traffic outside returns to it's usual pattern, no more extra cars trying to get around you, beeping, and screeching to a halt.  It's quiet.

OMG it's nice.

Shhhh.... it's quiet :)

I imagine much like us, Santa enjoys the quiet.  After a night of hard work, it's all he can do to keep his eyes open.  He even looks kind of shell shocked.  It's okay though, the Mrs. let's him sit there while she enjoys her new boots and makes a nice cuppa tea :)

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