Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Promise...

... so it's the holidays again!  I love this time of year, especially Thanksgiving.  It's all the joy of Christmas without the stress of gift giving and snow.  This November, I'm taking a moment each day to reflect for why I am thankful... and there is much to be thankful for.  I promise I will remain thankful always :)

On the dolly side of things, I have many things to be thankful for as well, ahem.... maybe too many things!  I think I have muttered to myself (as I send a PayPal) multiple times that I promise I won't buy another doll until  1)  I enjoy the ones I have already  or 2) ... next year.  I was really tested when I saw all of those cool Integrity boys in blog posts about the recent Convention... oh Hellooooo Declan. 

I am here with you now.  In front of all of my e-pals,  promising to 1) enjoy the dolls I already have and 2) not buy another doll until next year.  I am going on record lol!   

In recognition of this promise.  A quickie scene.  -enjoy

King Peregrine conducts the ceremony of the "Not buying a doll" promise.  Coe represents the good person of SCD (me) making the promise.  Susie holds the official Promising Folder.  The folder once belonged to Barbie herself!

"I solemnly promise to not buy a doll until 2014, and I promise I will enjoy the dolls that already live in SCD land!  So help me Santa"  .... and it's done.

King Peregrine and Queen Magda in their first official portrait.  

I can't remember why I wanted a royal couple, perhaps it was Kate Middleton's pregnancy, but in the end the crazy wants what the crazy wants.  I knew I had my king in Perry.  His face is so... striking, it must be royal.  You need a whole lot of pedigree to get that face to be acceptable, lol.  

King Peregrine originally arrived to SCD with a Monogram Lady, but I never felt they clicked.  Lady Admiration de Monogram was destined for another life and lifestyle, so I was on the hunt for a queen.  When I saw the Independent Woman doll released, I knew I found my queen.  Let's just say I believe they really complement each other's looks.  Plus she has a serene face, it makes up for Perry's scowl.  I had so much fun getting them dressed, making their sashes and regalia.  Finally I get to share them with you.  

Sometimes, I just love a doll's face and that face has to come live here.  I always pick a mate for that doll too, usually I pick a good pair.  Sometimes it doesn't always work and I have to go searching for a proper mate.  Other times I see a doll, quickly make a story around the doll and it's on the way to SCD, with a friend in tow of course.  I'd love to hear from all of you, and find out how you choose your dolls.  

-gobble gobble, Mark