Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One Moment Please. Day 4

It's the 24th of December... Christmas EVE!  I just wanted to check in with you, and wish everyone a very happy Christmas.  This week I've decided to post marathon style,  I hope to give you 12 days.  Wish me luck... maybe even a little Christmas luck.  

As I tear up my basement, pulling together this that and the other thing for each post, I'm opening boxes that haven't seen their lids cracked since before iPhones.  In modern talk, that's a reeeeeeeeally long time.  One box I opened had all of my He-Man figures, the ones that survived, thrown haphazardly in.  I only glanced for a moment, but in that moment a rush of memories flooded my mind.

I remember waking up on a cold Christmas morning, and opening my bedroom door.  The first thing I saw was a NRFB He-Man character, beckoning me further.  Then another, and another and another all the way to the tree.  I remember the smell of new plastic and vinyl that wafted up as I tore through the cardboard.(That's what magic smells like by the way.  New plastic and vinyl, that's just FYI.)  My joy woke the house, as I danced with delight that Santa was there, and I indeed was a good boy :)

By lunch time, the figures had traded harnesses and swords a million times.  The tiny comic books that came with them were read and reread and read again.  I educated my sisters on who each character was, and they listened patiently as they tried on their new sweaters... and it goes on and on and on.  One morning, full of memories.   Christmas...

What a nice moment to create for a child. 

I dedicate this post to my Dad, and to the memory of my mother.  They both worked hard to give me those moments.  More importantly, they taught me to appreciate the moments. 

 Maybe that's why I like dolls so much, I get to create these moments for myself all year long.  Below, check out Romain and Eugenia trying to get it together!  They probably shouldn't have waited until the 24th.


Troy said...

Those of us who had/have parents who spent a lot of time creating these special memories are very lucky. Sometimes I wonder, too, what really attracts me to dolls. Perhaps it is recapturing those special moments of our youth, and just enjoying something that is uncomplicated. Sharing them with others who also get it is part of the joy, which is why I am happy to do so through your blog and others. :-)

mjonczak said...

I think that I like this diorama the most of all the Christmas scenes. It reminds me of the toy section of a department store. Toys buying toys!

Super Cool Doll House said...

@Troy: Just added your blog to my blog list, I look forward to keeping up with you in the new year
@Mel: I sometimes forget that toys are meant to played with, this is a good reminder