Sunday, December 20, 2009

Festival of Light

Happy happy everybody! I can't believe my last entry was way back in October. Since then, my mother's health has been critical. A second open heart surgery and lots of prayers later, she's finally on the mend!

I put together these photos to celebrate and honor Hanukkah and the winter solstice. Enjoy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Don't Be Scurred

I couldn't let Halloween pass without a post! Back in the summer, I had a really great idea for a month of Halloween posts, but it didn't happen like I'd hoped. I was gladly giving my spare time and energy helping my mom recuperate. She's doing better by the way : )

I did have time to whip these photos together. Enjoy.

Death by fabulous: TJ bites it Lady Gaga style, via a chandelier (click image for a larger view)

Dan, I won't be ignored....

Guess who?

Putting on her face for a night out....

Hope it's not too dark!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slow Progress is Still Progress!

Whew! It was a challenging September for me personally; my family and I saw our mother through open heart surgery. She survived the surgery, and recovery is slow, but she is recovering. I titled this post as it relates to my little master suite, but I realize it's also very appropriate with regard to my mom.

Here are some pics of the progress so far, just a little ways to go now. Hopefully that sentiment carries through to other parts of my life. Get well soon Mommy. Enjoy.

Isha and Pierre, the first dolls who came to live at the Super Cool Doll House settle into their new room.

Stay tuned for more details!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Slowly But Surely

... so I've been able to slowly work on my latest room. Here is a preliminary picture of the space... pretty good if I do say so myself : ) This will be the master suite at the Super Cool Doll House.


p.s. I may be a little short on posts this month... I'll be spending time with family.

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Room a Comin'

So I've been quite the sloppy blogger lately. I usually try to post at least once a week, but this past August, I've found myself busying myself with enjoyable yet mindless pursuits. I have found time to build a new room, I just have to get to the finishing touches. Here's a picture of the progress so far. Hope I have something SuperCool to show you next week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dedicated to the Best Kitty Ever

Nine years ago when I left my folks house, I decided I'd like to have a kitty live with me (and my roommate and her cat). After weeks of meeting all the different cats in the Baltimore area, I met my little Lola. The BEST KITTY EVER. She was a buff colored sweetheart who loved people, was so gentle and made my life just a little sweeter. When I moved from my apartment and coudn't keep her anymore, my sister and her fiance adopted her and gave her a life she so well deserved. She had a huge house to run around in, she spent weekends at the shore, and was cared for so well. This past weekend, we all had to say goodbye to little Lola, she fell ill and wasn't able to recover. We don't know how old she really was, but for at least eight years she was showered with affection and she repaid it tenfold. This post is dedicated to the little angel who will always be with us. Enjoy.

Visit my Flickr account to see more photos.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


...and I'm back. After a much needed sabbatical, I got it in gear and did a new room! When I received my Dynamite TJs, I decided they needed to take up residence in the Super Cool Doll House. I think they're as stunning(despite the lack of quality control at Integrity, more on this later) as any FR lady. So, for the first bedroom of the Super Cool Doll House, I give you the TJs boudoir. You may have remembered I absolutely abhor the color pink, BUT, as I was looking through some interior design mags, I saw this color combination and I loved it. To ammend, I like pink when it's done right. I hope I did it right. Enjoy!

College room mates TJ and TJ enjoy their first morning at the Super Cool Doll House.

Visit my Flickr photostream for more photos.

In case you were interested:

floor: fashion velvet from Jo-Ann
walls: Art Deco Pink by Valspar
bed: Gloria, spray painted gray
bed linens: assorted fabric from Jo-Ann
amoire: Barbie, spray painted gray
chair and vanity: Barbie, spray painted gray
curtain panel: wallpaper sample
lamp and mirror: from a 1/12 collection by Melissa and Doug
mural: original photo of a vintage Barbie by TheRealDollNerd

Monday, July 20, 2009

Even Super Quicker

I'm still on my little dolly sabbatical! I've been working very hard in 1:1 scale (aka real world) and had a sick doggie(that was fun...). Anyway, I thought I'd put some pics up of my little mini-me, I took these awhile back. You may have wondered who the little guys are on my masthead, and even if you haven't wondered, I'm telling you anywayz : ) The little guy is Tao-tao, and the the gal is Tanpopo. These two started life as Jun-Planning Ai dolls. Here's a link to their page on the company website. These dolls have the oddest expressions, like a baby with an old soul. I gave Tanpopo to TheRealDollNerd for Christmas 2007, and he gave me one for my birthday, a few days later.

I'm a winter holiday baby... if you ever have a baby during this time, don't tell them the Christmas party is for them and that the fireworks at the New Year are part of their birthday celebration. Do however, buy them special birthday wrapping paper, buy actual birthday gifts (not a Christmas/Birthday gift, I've done the math, it's never the same as two gifts), and celebrate their birthday as it's own special thing... Geez, I need to go talk to someone about this.... I've digressed.

Anyway, little Tao-tao is my lil' avatar. He's not in 1:6 scale, or any scale I can readily discern. He gets to have all the non 1:6 scale miniatures that come my way. Great fun! One day I'll have a little house for him that's full of funny little things that are just a touch out of scale... but let me run through my 1:6 obession first... enjoy!

Super Model

It's tough being Super Cool

Hey dummy, time to go save the Earth! *

The little Doctor and Companion *

* Finally, tonight, BBC America will start broadcasting Torchwood series 3! So, I threw a few Doctor Who/Torchwood references in for good measure....
...and here's a link to a crappy little movie I made called "Dalek in the Tardis." What great fun I have.

In case you were wondering:
wigs- custom made by TheRealDollNerd
Click here for pics of the AI dolls original outfits and wigs.
sofa- 1/4 scale dollar store find
silver machine- a broken mini air compressor
floor- drawer liner
Tanpop's dress- custom fabric, pattern and fabrication by TheRealDollNerd
Tao Tao's pants-Bratz boys pants, cut short

Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Quick

This week's post is a Super Quickie. I've been feeling a little burnt out, so I'm taking a well deserved rest. I thought I'd revisit the Super Cool Kitchen, and display my two newest chicks. The Dynamite Girls' Valentine TJs! Ever since I saw them in a photo shoot in Haute Doll, April 2009, I thought they were super hot. Quite recently I got bitten by the shopping bug and decided they needed to come live at the Super Cool Doll House. (along with Darius and Lucas) I was surprised I'd dig them so much as they aren't from the Fashion Royalty line. (If you haven't noticed I have a little OCD when it comes to pairs and sets....) But they are Jason Wu, so I guess it's okay. These two are really fun, they are shorter than the FR ladies and not as busty, so they can wear all those cute Barbie things I hang on to. Anyway, enjoy!

Tara Jean and Terry Jane look at the floor plans for their bedroom at the Super Cool Doll House. (I'm actually trying to build them a room! Stay tuned...)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gone Fishin'

The festivities of this past weekend (Independence Day) made it very clear that summer is definitely here. It got me to thinking of the days when I was still in school and had an entire 3 months off for vacation. All that time wasted on a child. What would I do with that time now? Easy, I'd go fishing.... that's not a waste of time. Here's Lucas and Darius, my two newest enjoying life on a pier by the Super Cool bay. To see more of my pictures visit my Flickr photostream. Enjoy.

dumb drunk bird

In case you were wondering:

water: it's a fabric, it's stretchy, maybe a velour or a cheapy crushed velvet, in olive
(who knew?)

Monday, June 29, 2009

June Bride

Here we are at the end of June! Time is flying by. I couldn't let this month pass without doing a bridal post. Especially since today is my folk's 52nd wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. This post also includes my first architectural exterior. Not bad for the first time, if I do say so myself. I tried to emulate those pretty white churches one sees while driving around the country side. Enjoy!

To see more pictures, visit my Flickr account.

In case you were wondering:

Steps: video casette cases
Columns: 13" cake risers
Column base: cardboard boxes painted
Stain glass windows: images from a calendar
Door: two 5x7 wood frames stacked and painted, accented with a little trim
Lawn: painted welcome mat, see the Easter Parade post for how I did it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day and Midsommar!

This weekend brought two special days! Number one Father's Day and (at least throughout Scandanavia) Midsummer. Super Cool Doll House thought it would be fun to combine the two events into one post.

For the Mother's Day post I aknowledge that Barbie is the mother of all modern fashion dolls. If Barbie is their mother, I'd pick GI Joe as their father. Why you may ask? My answer is simply because GI Joe has been tricked out with joints since the very begining. Way before Kyori Sato every struck a pose with her jointed body, Joe was kneeling, climbing, crawling through many a terrain. So we forgive Joe his fashion attire, but we thank him for inspiring fashion doll makers to make sure that today's doll can kill a catwalk without blinking a vinyl eye.

In conjunction with Father's Day, it's the summer solstice! The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Through work I've learned a bit about this day in the Scandanavian world. Boy, those Swedes sure take this seriously! Along with Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark, that part of the world is getting ready for one of their biggest parties of the year! They will raise a maypole, feast at a smörgåsbord, enjoy many libations and celebrate the victory of light over darkness! To see more photos, visit my Flickr Account.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad who always looks out for me and taught to nevery pay for what you can do yourself. Happy Midsummer to everyone! Enojoy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This past week, I trucked on down to Washington DC to hang with a good friend. We ended up at a very chic Washingtonian happy hour. Y'know the kind of place that has no shame charging a buck fifty for a lil' hamburger slider? (actually quite reasonable, but I live in the world of a $1 MCchicken) All in all, if done right (and this place was!) it's money well spent. I took my little excursion as inspiration for this week's post. Click here for more photos on my Flickr Account. By the way it's pride season on the east coast of the US, so Super Cool Doll House wishes everyone well and hopes you live it up! Enjoy.

The bar fills up quite quickly after the parade!

In case you were wondering:
Benches: Barbie beds, painted
Floor: Drawer mat from IKEA
Shelves: CD storage
Green light: Christmas ball, filled with battery powered mini lights