Monday, December 29, 2014

Bah... Day 9

There should be a law!  LOL.  Don't you think it's criminal to take down your Christmas decorations before Epiphany?  Just kidding, do what works for you of course.  I guess the little kid in me feels that as the trees start showing up on the curb, and the lights are unceremoniously unplugged, it's the final nail in the coffin that tells you to return to life as usual. 

My folks were pretty relaxed when it came to undecorating the house for Christmas.  One year, my uncle was so embarrassed to see our tree curbside in March.  Despite what culture tells me is right, I see nothing wrong with it.  Also, wouldn't it be great if we could leave our Christmas lights up until late winter?  Maybe I should start a hashtag, something like #holidaylightsareokuntilmarch.  Before I do that, I guess I have to figure out why hashtags are a thing :)  I'm old, I don't care.  Taking down decorations... Humbug.

The next scene is Perk Scrooge, making Victor Cratchit take down the office decorations.  Perk has already moved on to her next vacation.  Is that a Poolside fashion I see peeking out of her bag?  Why are her golf clubs at the office with her.  She must be going to the islands for New Years.


mjonczak said...

I agree regarding Christmas being a season, not one day of the calendar year. Even thinking of ending the season before January 6th (Feast of the Ephiphany) is short-sighted. Ms Scrooge does look kinda Grinchy

Mustiwait said...

Love It!

Super Cool Doll House said...

Thanks for looking! My tree is firmly in place until at least next weekend. Lazy/Epiphany, call it what you will, but I still love it.