Sunday, February 22, 2009

Foyer Foto Shoot

Last week I posted a couple preliminary photos of my dollhouse foyer. Turns out they weren't so preliminary and I went right to the fun part of a photo shoot. Have a look at Isha, Kyori, Adele and Takeo of Fashion Royalty entering the house. You may have noticed (or soon will) that my models rarely wear shoes. I do know that I tend to lose small stuff like that, so shoes remain safely packed away. Enjoy.

In case you were wondering:

rugs: images found on the Internet and printed on flocked paper

furniture: white table and lamp-Gloria furniture set; chairs-Barbie kitchen chairs repainted and upholstered; magazine rack-wine rack ornament

accessories: mirror-picture frame and cosmetic mirror; Buddha-vacation souvenir.

floor, staircase and window: I made it! wood craft sticks for the floor, 1"x2" plank for the stairs, wood glue and stain.

stair rail: pieces from a Barbie fashion mall

Here is a snap shot of the dollhouse living room. It's the first room I did two years ago. I sort of stopped developing it for some reason, but now I'm back on it. Look for a more finished product in a coming post. This photo has Pierre and Isha of Fashion Royalty lounging. Isha perches on a Barbie piece i painted and upholstered and Pierre relaxes on a custom ottoman(by my partner). The bird sculpture is from my partners collection, it started as a piece from a group of white plastic figurines(you can find similar sets of farm animals, jungle animals etc. at a craft store), it was then hand painted. The coffee table is made of two ring boxes and a small piece of plexi glass. The vase is actually a lamp shade finial with a floral pick of beads nestled inside, this piece is also from my partner's collection.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The new room.

My purple foyer for the doll house is almost done. I really dig how it looks so far that I have to put a preliminary photo up... or this might be the first and last photo you'll see. Depending upon my motivation. Anyway, after I took the photos, and there were many, I thought these two were very realistic. Almost in perfect scale. What do you think?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today was a beautiful spring day in February. The high for today was 65 degrees. Typically I try to enjoy each season as it comes. Right now I'm supposed to be enjoying the crisp coolness of the winter air, and the beautiful grey hues this time of year brings. Not so much.... I am really looking forward to the heat of summer. Here are a few pics of our 2007 Hawaii vacation, maybe enjoying these will help me get over my spring fever/summer madness. Probably not.

Dolls used in this group: Tekaru of Volks(black swim trunks); Mami of Volks(green swimsuit); Momoko(peach dress). These photo's were taken on the Big Island of Hawaii. Locations were Kona, the black sand beach and the green sand (peridot) beach.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Room A-comin'

Today was a good day! I started working on the foyer to my SUPER COOL DOLL HOUSE. Here's a picture of the progress so far.