Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chag Sameach. Day 3

Back when the world was ruled by common sense, and helicopter parents, and trophies just for trying were not trending and this thing here -> # was a pound sign, I learned what being a person was.  

In elementary school, the CHRISTMAS assembly included a play about a reindeer or a toy soldier or some mess like that, first graders as snowflakes and the chorus singing Christmas Carols, a bunch of 'em... and for good measure we sang a couple Hanukkah songs.  All said and done, the program wasn't particularly religious nor was it particularly secular.  It was just a good time for the kids, and a way for the PTA to plug the latest fund raiser, so the school could finally get three new mops, a new coil for the boiler, new ash trays for the teachers lounge and if any money was left over, replace those asbestos ceiling tiles.

What did this contribute to my person-hood?  I learned the following: singing is fun, a crying snowflake is hysterical, your parents are proud of you (even if you are the crying snowflake) and kids open checkbooks.  

What else is did I learn?  Much like the old Christmas assemblies, I learned there is room in this world for a little of everything.  There is room for me to be happy that you are happy.  There is room for me to celebrate that you celebrate.  There is room for you to celebrate that I celebrate... so on this last night of Hanukkah... I greet all of you,Chag Sameach, happy holiday!


D7ana said...

Chag Sameach to you, too. I like to think that there is some joy for all of us at this time of year.

mjonczak said...

Like the poses, love the little rug and enjoyed the elementary school remembrances

Super Cool Doll House said...

@Dana: All done, I hope you found joy!
@Mel: Glad you enjoyed it, and that you enjoy the writing as well as the pictures