Thursday, July 12, 2012


Guess where I live?  On the east coast, mid-Atlantic, Baltimore.  Apparently the devil hosted his annual convention around here.  What a party!  High winds, black out, and choking heat... and I mean HEAT!  On the upside, the humiture was INCROYABLE.  That's right it was so incredible I must express it in French :)  Am I being as smarmy as a hot day in July?  Any who, yes it was TERRIBLE (also expressed in French), but once I gave in to it, it wasn't soooo bad.  I ran around the house shirtless, doing chores.  Dusted, picked up, put away, folded laundry, hung a picture, did the dishes and put up a coat rack.  All things you can do without electricity.  The house has never looked so nice.  Yay!  Of course The Real Doll Nerd was not as forgiving as I.  He hunkered down in the basement with his Nook and read.  Every time I passed him with a cleaning implement in my hand, he gave me the side eye.  He didn't say a word, but the side eye spoke volumes, lol.  Mostly it said, "'re making me hot, sit the f! down... please sit down"  

As the power came back on, we entered the July 4 holiday... and I ran down to the ocean for a quick get away.  Usually the shore is cooler, nope.  It was just as hot, at least the ocean gave us a refreshing reprieve.  The Atlantic ocean actually felt like bath water!  Crazy.

When it was all said and done and the temps dropped to the eighties, my BFF says, there are only two good reasons to sweat.  I new the first (HEE HEE), but what was the second?  His reply?  On the beach with your best friends around you.  I think that's really nice, and I'm not being smarmy at all. 

SCD presents "A Hot Day at the Beach."  Enjoy! 

Newest addition to SCD!  Summer Love Misaki

Of course, the dolls always bring a friend!  Brooklyn Forever Auden, sports Ken fashion, Barbie Loves Paul Frank.

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