Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dance In Their Heads. Day 8

This one is just for fun.  I have no existential agenda here.  Just some pretty lights.  Sometimes you just want something to make you smile.  This ticks all the boxes!  Santa?  Check, Mrs Clause?  Check, little kid dressed like a dinosaur?  check,  pretty dresses?, check.  This also gave me a chance to use my ooak Mrs. Clause again. 

Back in November, I bought Santa from the store, he's actually a large ornament.  I started looking for Mrs. Clause for him, and wouldn't you know, TheRealDollNerd came through.  He found the right size doll to modify, wiped her screening, and did a Mrs. Claus face up.  Then ever, the detail-ist, he kept an eye out for the perfect fashion.  That's part of a Kenya fashion by the way.  I love when things line up.

One thing that's been bothering me though... What the frack is a Sugar Plumb Fairy?  Whatever it is, listen to this while you look at the pretty pictures.  There's a commercial first, but the music is cool.


mjonczak said...

I like the little children's costumes, especially the candy stripe girl

Super Cool Doll House said...

Thanks for looking Mel. I always try to include the kids, the costumes are fun.