Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Like Magic

When I was little, I have vivid memories of going to the stores with my folks and peering from my tiny perspective at all the Christmas decorations.  The mall fountain was transformed into a winter wonderland of fluffy polyester snow and a wonderful plastic pine forest lit up with fairy lights grew where the old men took their naps.  The information kiosk was obstructed from view by Santa's thrown and giant cardboard snowflakes hung from the skylights.  It may all sound just a little crappy, but to a small child it was like magic.  The decorations layered on top of Sunday School lessons just drove the point home.  Miracles do happen.

Right now, if you take it all in, it is a little scary.  When you wake to words on the radio like gun, or fiscal or Lohan, you scramble for what your soul needs.  Sometimes it's a little hard to figure out what your soul needs though.  What's the answer?  I heard once to not figure out the answer, but to simply remember it.  At a time like this, let's remember.  Miracles do happen.

Just in time for Christmas, Poppy and BA take the three little ones to see Santa!  Thank goodness too, or I would have nothing to post.  A timely post from me... see Miracles do happen :)

Merry Christmas from SCD-  enjoy :)

The newest SCD models.  Poppy, Mira (Admiration), BA and three little ones.  

 Waiting in line for Santa,  Perry is doing a find job as Santa.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Colors of the Wind... of Change

The winds are a-blowin'!  Autumn winds have brought a riot of color and herald the change of season.  Summer becomes fall, flip flops become boots and campaigning turns to some sort of cliff talk.  I love it, sort of.

If you know me, you know I'm a summer boy.  I love summer, the easy flip flops, the comfy shorts, the cold sodas, the lush plants, the singing birds and even the sunburn on my nose and shoulders.  As I get older, I am getting to appreciate autumn.  When before it meant school (which I hated), no more summer (which I hate), no more beach (which I hate the most), it now means, cozy nights, fluffy scarves and baking things in the oven.  If I ever had to rate autumn on a scale of one to ten, it would have gotten a solid six, now it's at a 9.1.  Not so bad :)  

With my new found appreciation for autumn I present SuperCoolDollHouse in the park.  You can even see the city from here, it's beautiful.  Imagine the cool crisp air, the smell of wood burning stoves and the colors littering the ground.  I also get to show off my new dolls and outfits.

See!?  Change.  Nice... and it's color infused... and it's windy... -enjoy!

OOAK horse, made by TRDN, hand painted, custom mane and tail.  
 Pocohantas and Captain John Smith revisted!
Hansel and Amelie, enjoying SuperCoolDollHouse City Park.

 Isha and Oakie the horse, Isha's sporting a few Color Infusion pieces
Pierre and Oakie, like Pierre's hat? 
The De Vries cousins meet in the park for a pre-Thanksgiving picnic!

WARNING:  the following bit is pure crazy OCD  doll nerd stuff, so proceed at your own risk

Back when Fashion Royalty had their convention, I was loving all the fashions coming out of the Tropicalia Color Infusion(CI) events.  I even bought an outfit... and this  started a whoooooole thing.  First I bought one of the guy outfits, and I hated all the boys from the convention, so I bought a nude Hansel.  Then, Hansel had to have friend, and I didn't like Gretel... and I had my eye on one of the older Color Infusion girls, Amelie and she was a great price... so long story short, two new dolls.  Both wearing color infusion.  Ugh, when I had them together, I didn't like the older CI fashion colors, they are to earthy.  The new CI stuff is so bright!  I shoulda' known by looking at the pictures, but a doll nerd can dream.  So I ordered one of the lady outfits, yay!  I'd dress my Kyori who has no default outfit in the old CI, and dress my CI Amelie with the new outfit.  Ugh... Amelie is a small busted gal, and Kyori is BUSTY, so no outfit upgrade there  AND the CI outfit was way to long for Amelie. #FAIL.  So I searched and searched for a gal outfit that would look nice with my CI guy outfit.  (this process usually takes 3 days, I'll either get lucky and buy something  or frustrated and buy something that won't work)  I was lucky and found a "Mighty Real Reece" outfit, and the price was right, so it too came home to SuperCoolDollHouse.  It fit, and it looked nice and yay!  Ugh... now I was stuck with a CI outfit, that wouldn't work the way I wanted.  Apparently it's for a body type I don't have in my collection yet.  Thpppppttttt...  I tugged and stretched and snipped, and nope, it would not go on wardrobe-less Kyori, poor girl.  I decided to hide it and pretend I never bought it and it never happened.  Ugh... but it did happen... (OCD much?)  So, I'm looking at my collection, shaking my fist, crying why doesn't it fit? WHY WHY WHY!?  Then I notice how I don't like what Isha is wearing next to Pierre (they are a designated pair here at SCDH), see it here.  She looks to frumpy.  So hazzah!  I did a little mixing, and they look awesome.  A lot of prest-o change-o but yay!  

P.S.  Kyori got a new dress too :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something Wicked this Way Comes

Happy Fall Everyone!

So apparently I'm the opposite of a fair weather blogger.  Last time I blogged, it was the SUPER HEAT  and now the east coast is expecting a DOOM STORM Halloween Week.  Sad Face.  Anyway, apparently the mainstream media always has to label EVERYTHING, "Wicked Weather,"  is the newest term assigned to anything worse than a rainstorm but not as bad as the apocalypse.  What a great time to blog, if only to take advantage of the obvious blog post title.

Concurrently, my internet friend Dana of A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures is having a Halloween contest with rules and everything (including prizes).  I love her blog, and it's always neat to hear from her when I post.  I thought of all the things I could put together for her contest, and while driving home from work it came to me.  Here are a few of the cast offs I did during the photo shoot, be sure to visit Dana's blog to see the one I submitted... OH! and vote for me?  I think that's how it works.  Happy Halloween from SCD.  -enjoy

 "I think I hear something."

"REET REET REET REET"  as in the movie "Psycho"

See more photos at my Flickr!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Guess where I live?  On the east coast, mid-Atlantic, Baltimore.  Apparently the devil hosted his annual convention around here.  What a party!  High winds, black out, and choking heat... and I mean HEAT!  On the upside, the humiture was INCROYABLE.  That's right it was so incredible I must express it in French :)  Am I being as smarmy as a hot day in July?  Any who, yes it was TERRIBLE (also expressed in French), but once I gave in to it, it wasn't soooo bad.  I ran around the house shirtless, doing chores.  Dusted, picked up, put away, folded laundry, hung a picture, did the dishes and put up a coat rack.  All things you can do without electricity.  The house has never looked so nice.  Yay!  Of course The Real Doll Nerd was not as forgiving as I.  He hunkered down in the basement with his Nook and read.  Every time I passed him with a cleaning implement in my hand, he gave me the side eye.  He didn't say a word, but the side eye spoke volumes, lol.  Mostly it said, "'re making me hot, sit the f! down... please sit down"  

As the power came back on, we entered the July 4 holiday... and I ran down to the ocean for a quick get away.  Usually the shore is cooler, nope.  It was just as hot, at least the ocean gave us a refreshing reprieve.  The Atlantic ocean actually felt like bath water!  Crazy.

When it was all said and done and the temps dropped to the eighties, my BFF says, there are only two good reasons to sweat.  I new the first (HEE HEE), but what was the second?  His reply?  On the beach with your best friends around you.  I think that's really nice, and I'm not being smarmy at all. 

SCD presents "A Hot Day at the Beach."  Enjoy! 

Newest addition to SCD!  Summer Love Misaki

Of course, the dolls always bring a friend!  Brooklyn Forever Auden, sports Ken fashion, Barbie Loves Paul Frank.

Visit my Flickr page to see a few more photos :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Sister Said...

Happy summer everyone!  Happy Belated Father's Day to my dad, and all the dad's out there.  

This past weekend my siblings and I spent Sunday with our Dad at church.  After mass, the congregation met for an early dinner and fellowship.  Between bites of food and laughter (giggles only a brother or sister can incite) our eldest sister asked me about my blog.  I hemmed and hawed, and shrugged.  She just laughed, but in her way let me know I should keep up with it :)  After thinking for a day or so, I found inspiration! -enjoy

Thanks for the inspiration B.

P.S.  Happy Father's Day

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WOOOO! Made it!

Congrats to the newlyweds!  I love that from all over the doll world people are joining Van's Doll Treasures in celebrating Rod and Danielle's 1/6 wedding.

I don't even know if  Vanessa even knows who I am, but good job!  So much fun :)

Susie and Coe make it to the wedding in the nick of time!

Here's the invite.
Here are the international guests!  Look in the right column of the Facebook Timeline, Recent Posts by Others on Van's Doll Treasures  and then click 'see all.'

Monday, February 20, 2012

Made for Each Other

Whew... It's still February so this post is still relevant!  Love is in the air at SuperCoolDollHouse and we enter the SCDH TV stuidos to find a little of it.  What better place to find love?  One kajillion reality shows can't be wrong (yes the can)...  SuperCoolDollHouse however, prefers to go the classy route (is there such?) and bring it old school, a la The Dating Game.  Long before the Bachelor, The Dating Game gave us some innocent and not so innocent entertainment, back when there were .... gasp... three channels... 5 if you're sister was willing to hold the  uhf (vhf? I forget) antenna, and the higher channel (above 13) fine tube knob wasn't broken off.  This post has alot of parenthesis... (sorry).  

Anyway, Susie is trying to find love, probably in all the wrong places.  Seems like everywhere she turns, the male population of SCDH seems meant for someone else.  It's true actually, I buy very few dolls by themselves.  They usually arrive with a friend in tow.  Susie however came via TheRealDollNerd (TRDN).  I traded him a little resin boy for her.  Since she came to me, I've been in search of a mate for her.  Dang you R and D Dolls!  No proper boyfriend for Susie? Well, we'll soon see if a Love Connection was made :) -enjoy!

Susie:  Bachelor number one, what do you love to do?
Ken:  uhhh... Barbie Barbie Barbie
Susie:  What now?
Ken:  Barbie Barbie Baribe
Takeo:  Sorry Susie, sounds like he has a one track mind.
 Susie:  Bachelor number three, do you get stressed out easily?
Takeru:  Well, if I'm handled roughly I can fall to pieces.
Susie:  Oh that's a shame.
Takeru:  It's ok, my girlfriend is the same way.
Susie:  Why are you here if you have a girlfriend?
Takeru:  Beats me, but I heard something about a lack of diversity on the shelf.
Susie:  ooooookay then.

Susie:  Bachelor number two, what kind of stuff are you made of?
Coe:  Well I used to be a GI, but after that ended, I changed my body so it'd be more slim and nicer to look at!
Susie:  Oh my!  
Takeo:  Oh my is right Susie.  It's almost as if he was made for you.  
Thanks TRDN for re-body-ing my clone Joe (Coe) for Susie!  This was another of my Christmas gifts!
Happy February everybody!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


The Christmas season is long over, the decorations are put away, mostly (do out door lights count?) and the busy busy weekends have come to a grinding halt.  I love this time of year.  I get to sit back and enjoy the lovely gifts I received!  TheRealDollNerd (TRDN) really hooked me up this year :)  I have to do a little bragging and show off my haul lol.    

Above are my Violet Waters and OOAK Trent Osborn of the Gene Marshall world of dolls.  The little kids are my OOAK Mary and Mowgli from Kisch.  TRND gave these to me for my birthday, my birthday is soon after Christmas.

Around November, for whatever reason I was jonezin (for my international readers jonezin means obsessed to have) for a Gene doll.  Of course my one (ha! one of many) OCD trait that I carry is that my dolls always need to be paired, so I wanted a Trent as well.  Something about seeing matched pairs gladdens my heart.  It confirms my belief that every pot has a lid, every ying has a yang, every Lavern has a Shirley.  TRDN really outdid himself this year.  If you know Trent, you know he always has moulded hair (except for convention workshop dolls).  TRDN  took the time to sand his hair off and flock him!  Okay, I said one OCD trait, here is number two.  All my dolls must have real hair.  Flocking does indeed count.  Mary and Mowgli are also OOAK as their original hair has been removed and replaced.  Aren't they stunning? I"ll post their original pictures here.

These two cuties are Tiny Betsy Mccall, "Once Upon a Time."  TRDN knew if I got a Gene, I'd want to have a Betsy to be her little pal.  TRDN found this set and knew it was the one for me.  I believe these were slated to go with a Gene and Trent pair but as I was found admiring Violet Waters, I got her and the Kischs soon followed!  Don't worry though, they're not orphans... I took care of that with some Christmas money, more on that later though.

My last picture here shows a few gifts.  The rolling rack of dresses was gifted to me because TRDN and I somehow got sucked into watching the Miss Universe Pageant a few months ago.  I may have mentioned to him that I'd do a post with my gals in a pageant.  TRDN scoured ebay for these gowns, five matching sequence covered awesome-ness!  I can't wait until pageant season to do this post.  Wait till you see them on the girls.    I think Perk Colette is considering the gold one pageant director Lucas has chosen for her.  To pull all of this together I added my Fashion Royalty chairs (also a gift from TRDN), a beautiful miniature oriental rug ( a gift from a past year) and some bits and bobs.