Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seeing Red

I've had this scene set up on my shop table since February.  I had a plan to post this during the end of awards season, right around the Oscars.  The diorama was crafted pretty quickly.  All I had to do was shoot it!  wah wah waaaaaah....

Easier said than done.  I curated the 'stars' who would be clomping down the red carpet, and then I scoured the scary box of cast off Barbies to be my paparazzi... and on and on and on it went, TV presenters, camera equipment, security.  I started to snap pics, and I wasn't happy with a one.  After the third day of working with it, I decided I needed a break.  So I drew the curtain around my shop table and watched TV... for a month. I'm not accustomed to posting work I'm not happy with, but here's just one. 

 During that month, aside from watching TV, I started to purge my house of all things not fabulous.  I even purged some dolly stuff (gasp).  The process was not easy, it had me seeing red.  I would turn and turn in the middle of my family room, seeing all the things I have amassed in the name of collecting.  It took a while but I got where I needed to go.  I made some rules for myself and stuck to them.  I even wrote a few mantras to keep my head clear.  In case you're  curious I'll list my rules and mantras here.  I thought it would be funny to photograph how I was feeling about the whole thing.

 Finally I got my a$$ in gear and tried to be thoughtful of my diorama.  Like my house, my collection, and my mind, I made a goal to keep it simple and clean.  Haha, my mind is simple.

The male model is CG Doll Slim (the website is NSFW), I call him Omar, after this guy.  The lady is a JAMIEshow doll, Isabella.  I had her repainted by a wonderful artist,  see more of her work here.  A special thanks to Therealdollnerd for my fabulous stanchions.  He just couldn't take my pipe cleaner velvet ropes lol.  He hunted the fabric store for just the right cording and found the right jewelry clasps to make everything authentic.  For more photos, see my FLICKR!