Monday, December 22, 2014

Perfect. Day 2

How many times during this season do you zone out, and imagine your home in perfect Christmas order...

  The stocking are hung by the TV with care, 
the presents are wrapped in holiday flair.  
Everything is clean and put away, 
every surface gleams with chemical spray.  
The Yankee Candle puffs out cranberry smoke,
then you here a crash, and guess what... 

Three two one... and you're sucked back into reality.  Amazon boxes are piled where the tree should be, the cards from friends stand on the dusty mantle.  Each one a little reminder that you should return the gesture, but time is running out. And yes, that is dog vomit on the carpet.  

Let us not be too hard on ourselves though.  If we've done things right, using a little bit of smarts and a little bit of luck and a WHOLE lot of prayer... WE ARE OKAY!  There could be no boxes from Amazon full of gifts for people, there could be no friends who send cards, and there will always be dog vomit... so... where am I going with this?  Ah yes, this season is full of blessings, perfection may not be one of them, but from where I stand (in the middle of dog hair tumbleweeds and Penny Saver fliers) I see abundance, friendship and the love of good dogs.  If you still want perfection, look below!  It's easy to manage a 17inch X 17inch X 17inch Christmas :)


D7ana said...

I love the fat silver tree! It's cute and different. It "tells" me that Kyu and Darla probably have creative careers. The dogs add to the warmth of the photos.

Perfection for me means sufficient for the moment.

Troy said...

I can so identify! For me, perfection can sometimes be the enemy of getting anything done: Cleaning before decorating, dealing with the dog accidents (one did just throw up last night; sigh), trying to deal with clutter/piles. Finally, getting into the spirit of the season and just doing what I can and enjoying it with my husband and our dogs.

Your dioramas really capture the season so well. It's nice to see what you've created!

mjonczak said...

I liked the realistic faces, the Christmas tree, the cute little doggies, and the tree outside of the window

Super Cool Doll House said...

Now that the craziness of the holiday is finally starting to recede... Thanks for looking at my blog. I'm glad you all enjoy what I do. Thanks for your support and nice comments!
@dana: that's all most of us can hope for
@troy: It's nice to hear other people have dogs and dog problems lol
@mel: thanks for taking the time to enjoy all the details, i'm glad you appreciate them