Monday, July 20, 2009

Even Super Quicker

I'm still on my little dolly sabbatical! I've been working very hard in 1:1 scale (aka real world) and had a sick doggie(that was fun...). Anyway, I thought I'd put some pics up of my little mini-me, I took these awhile back. You may have wondered who the little guys are on my masthead, and even if you haven't wondered, I'm telling you anywayz : ) The little guy is Tao-tao, and the the gal is Tanpopo. These two started life as Jun-Planning Ai dolls. Here's a link to their page on the company website. These dolls have the oddest expressions, like a baby with an old soul. I gave Tanpopo to TheRealDollNerd for Christmas 2007, and he gave me one for my birthday, a few days later.

I'm a winter holiday baby... if you ever have a baby during this time, don't tell them the Christmas party is for them and that the fireworks at the New Year are part of their birthday celebration. Do however, buy them special birthday wrapping paper, buy actual birthday gifts (not a Christmas/Birthday gift, I've done the math, it's never the same as two gifts), and celebrate their birthday as it's own special thing... Geez, I need to go talk to someone about this.... I've digressed.

Anyway, little Tao-tao is my lil' avatar. He's not in 1:6 scale, or any scale I can readily discern. He gets to have all the non 1:6 scale miniatures that come my way. Great fun! One day I'll have a little house for him that's full of funny little things that are just a touch out of scale... but let me run through my 1:6 obession first... enjoy!

Super Model

It's tough being Super Cool

Hey dummy, time to go save the Earth! *

The little Doctor and Companion *

* Finally, tonight, BBC America will start broadcasting Torchwood series 3! So, I threw a few Doctor Who/Torchwood references in for good measure....
...and here's a link to a crappy little movie I made called "Dalek in the Tardis." What great fun I have.

In case you were wondering:
wigs- custom made by TheRealDollNerd
Click here for pics of the AI dolls original outfits and wigs.
sofa- 1/4 scale dollar store find
silver machine- a broken mini air compressor
floor- drawer liner
Tanpop's dress- custom fabric, pattern and fabrication by TheRealDollNerd
Tao Tao's pants-Bratz boys pants, cut short

Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Quick

This week's post is a Super Quickie. I've been feeling a little burnt out, so I'm taking a well deserved rest. I thought I'd revisit the Super Cool Kitchen, and display my two newest chicks. The Dynamite Girls' Valentine TJs! Ever since I saw them in a photo shoot in Haute Doll, April 2009, I thought they were super hot. Quite recently I got bitten by the shopping bug and decided they needed to come live at the Super Cool Doll House. (along with Darius and Lucas) I was surprised I'd dig them so much as they aren't from the Fashion Royalty line. (If you haven't noticed I have a little OCD when it comes to pairs and sets....) But they are Jason Wu, so I guess it's okay. These two are really fun, they are shorter than the FR ladies and not as busty, so they can wear all those cute Barbie things I hang on to. Anyway, enjoy!

Tara Jean and Terry Jane look at the floor plans for their bedroom at the Super Cool Doll House. (I'm actually trying to build them a room! Stay tuned...)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gone Fishin'

The festivities of this past weekend (Independence Day) made it very clear that summer is definitely here. It got me to thinking of the days when I was still in school and had an entire 3 months off for vacation. All that time wasted on a child. What would I do with that time now? Easy, I'd go fishing.... that's not a waste of time. Here's Lucas and Darius, my two newest enjoying life on a pier by the Super Cool bay. To see more of my pictures visit my Flickr photostream. Enjoy.

dumb drunk bird

In case you were wondering:

water: it's a fabric, it's stretchy, maybe a velour or a cheapy crushed velvet, in olive
(who knew?)