Friday, July 1, 2016

Too Much...

Hi Everyone!  I've really missed posting.  It's not for a lack of inspiration.  Maybe too much.  It was all so easy during my Fashion Royalty era.  That time of life was so much fun.  Integrity would release a batch, I would go cuckoo for one, I'd purchase.  Then I would scour the rest of the collection looking for a companion for the first one.  I'd start with the current batch, then I would scour DOLL PAGES (remember that little piece of heaven).  Looking for just the right friend.  Then I'd purchase that doll, and start creating something special around those two dolls.  It only lasted so long though.  I was running out of room in my little row house.  I wanted to build a FR mansion, but it wasn't logistically feasible.  I had to scrap that idea, and just do temporary room settings.  

After awhile, I started seeing other things in the doll world.  Like Asian Ball Jointed Dolls or ABJD, and 17" resin dolls.  Next thing you know, I have three scales competing for my brain.  I was hogging the shop table with ABJD stuff and DH couldn't do his stuff.  My photo table was housing the resin dolls from last post, and all of my playscales were sadly collecting dust in their bookcases.   It can get overwhelming.  so... Here I am at the tail end of my staycation, with a lot of relaxing done, I've decided to take a picture of something... anything. 

Here are my ABJDs.  Magnus and Mimi.  During Christmas I bought a grab bag of MSD stuff from Wickedstichery .  I think grab bags are a great inexpensive way to build a wardrobe and try out a vendor's stuff.  I love the stuff that the owner of Wickedstichery sent for Mimi.  It's not supposed to go together, but in the age of the Hipster , anything apparently goes.  (Full disclosure, I'm firmly in the GEN X age group, so I may and quite possibly have gotten all of this wrong.)  I think she looks really cute with all the mixed patterns.  Magnus is wearing skinny pant shorts from Springfield.  They produce fashions for 18" American Girl type dolls, but sometimes you get lucky!  His hoodie and shoes are from Nine9Style and Tatabjd.  I swear I'm not getting paid by any of these people. I hope you enjoy... -Mark SCD

Ps!  I'd love to know what scales you guys are into and how you manage your hobby :)