Sunday, September 11, 2016


Happy Late Summer Everyone!

I'm sitting here in the middle of the night posting.  I recently took a temporary assignment at work that has me working from 8:30PM to 5AM, just for three weeks.  On my days off, I'm attempting to stay awake, so I don't have to go through jet lag (shift lag?) every week.  

Here I offer to you Harmon and Mel posing in this little room I made for them.  The pattern walls are prints I bought at IKEA.  The white walls are just stretched canvas that I layered beneath.  When I built the structure, it became clear that this room was to be very clean and modern, and a bit moody.  It kind of gives off that modern vampire vibe... so I went with it.  My better half therealdollnerd, gave me the little organge Oleum cat this past holiday, I love when things come together.  All I needed were a few pumpkins to finish off the Autumnal mood, and the terrible ol' Walmart had just what I needed.  How charmingly coincidental that I'm posting as it closes in on the witching hour.  

Even though it's still summer (technically), I guess my dolls are ready for all the fun Autumn has to offer.  Even though I never am... SUMMER FOREVER PLEASE!

I wanted to dress them to fit the mood, and Mel's dress from Inamorata was perfect, even though I already photographed her in it.  For Harmon, it was a little harder.  He's a bit bigger than Tonner guys, he's more robust around the chest, and his legs are long.  I had to dig a little deeper to find him some kit!  After researching for a bit, I found a spread sheet of BJD measurements.  Lo and behold, Harmon was close enough to Iplehouse's JID body.  It had to be ordered and shipped from Asia.  When the box came, I was so excited, because as any doll enthusiast knows, a box like this could be a big win or big loss.  I won!