Monday, August 31, 2009

New Room a Comin'

So I've been quite the sloppy blogger lately. I usually try to post at least once a week, but this past August, I've found myself busying myself with enjoyable yet mindless pursuits. I have found time to build a new room, I just have to get to the finishing touches. Here's a picture of the progress so far. Hope I have something SuperCool to show you next week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dedicated to the Best Kitty Ever

Nine years ago when I left my folks house, I decided I'd like to have a kitty live with me (and my roommate and her cat). After weeks of meeting all the different cats in the Baltimore area, I met my little Lola. The BEST KITTY EVER. She was a buff colored sweetheart who loved people, was so gentle and made my life just a little sweeter. When I moved from my apartment and coudn't keep her anymore, my sister and her fiance adopted her and gave her a life she so well deserved. She had a huge house to run around in, she spent weekends at the shore, and was cared for so well. This past weekend, we all had to say goodbye to little Lola, she fell ill and wasn't able to recover. We don't know how old she really was, but for at least eight years she was showered with affection and she repaid it tenfold. This post is dedicated to the little angel who will always be with us. Enjoy.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


...and I'm back. After a much needed sabbatical, I got it in gear and did a new room! When I received my Dynamite TJs, I decided they needed to take up residence in the Super Cool Doll House. I think they're as stunning(despite the lack of quality control at Integrity, more on this later) as any FR lady. So, for the first bedroom of the Super Cool Doll House, I give you the TJs boudoir. You may have remembered I absolutely abhor the color pink, BUT, as I was looking through some interior design mags, I saw this color combination and I loved it. To ammend, I like pink when it's done right. I hope I did it right. Enjoy!

College room mates TJ and TJ enjoy their first morning at the Super Cool Doll House.

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In case you were interested:

floor: fashion velvet from Jo-Ann
walls: Art Deco Pink by Valspar
bed: Gloria, spray painted gray
bed linens: assorted fabric from Jo-Ann
amoire: Barbie, spray painted gray
chair and vanity: Barbie, spray painted gray
curtain panel: wallpaper sample
lamp and mirror: from a 1/12 collection by Melissa and Doug
mural: original photo of a vintage Barbie by TheRealDollNerd