Monday, December 22, 2014

Perfect. Day 2

How many times during this season do you zone out, and imagine your home in perfect Christmas order...

  The stocking are hung by the chimney with care, 
the presents are wrapped in holiday flair.  
Everything is clean and put away, 
every surface gleams with chemical spray.  
The Yankee Candle puffs out cranberry smoke... 
then you here a crash, and guess what... 

Three two one... and you're sucked back into reality.  Amazon boxes are piled where the tree should be, the cards from friends stand on the dusty mantle.  Each one a little reminder that you should return the gesture, but time is running out. And yes, that is dog vomit on the carpet.  

Let us not be too hard on ourselves though.  If we've done things right, using a little bit of smarts and a whole lot of luck... WE ARE OKAY!  There could be no boxes from Amazon full of gifts for people, there could be no friends who send cards, and there will always be dog vomit... so... where am I going with this?  Ah yes, this season is full of blessings, perfection may not be one of them, but from where I stand (in the middle of dog hair tumbleweeds and Penny Saver fliers) I see abundance, friendship and the love of good dogs.  If you still want perfection, look below!  It's easy to manage a 17inch X 17inch X 17inch Christmas :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yule. Day 1

Happy Yultide!
Today as we in the Northern Hemisphere experience our shortest day of the year, I present to you my first day of Christmas.  Ancient pagans would celebrate this day with ceremonies and sacred rites.  Today we have cocktail parties and gather with friends.  It's probably the same thing, just a different caterer.  It's nice to have your loved ones about, as you try to get through what can be the most grueling time of year.  The shopping, the wrapping, the figuring out can be so tiring, not to mention, it's not always pleasant outside.  If that wasn't enough, folks make an effort to bring people together to celebrate and reaffirm and reestablish friendships.  I'm all for a party, but c'mon!  I'm busy.  LOL.

...Anyway...  Here we join Annik and Chip, having their own yuletide celebration before they go to a friend's holiday party.  Annik threw a yule log on the fire, and Chip turned the lights down low. Enjoying a quiet minute before the craziness begins, because now, as we all know, we're gonna careen out of control into the New Year.  So buckle up, it may get bumpy, but rest assured, it's always a fun ride. :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seeing Red

I've had this scene set up on my shop table since February.  I had a plan to post this during the end of awards season, right around the Oscars.  The diorama was crafted pretty quickly.  All I had to do was shoot it!  wah wah waaaaaah....

Easier said than done.  I curated the 'stars' who would be clomping down the red carpet, and then I scoured the scary box of cast off Barbies to be my paparazzi... and on and on and on it went, TV presenters, camera equipment, security.  I started to snap pics, and I wasn't happy with a one.  After the third day of working with it, I decided I needed a break.  So I drew the curtain around my shop table and watched TV... for a month. I'm not accustomed to posting work I'm not happy with, but here's just one. 

 During that month, aside from watching TV, I started to purge my house of all things not fabulous.  I even purged some dolly stuff (gasp).  The process was not easy, it had me seeing red.  I would turn and turn in the middle of my family room, seeing all the things I have amassed in the name of collecting.  It took a while but I got where I needed to go.  I made some rules for myself and stuck to them.  I even wrote a few mantras to keep my head clear.  In case you're  curious I'll list my rules and mantras here.  I thought it would be funny to photograph how I was feeling about the whole thing.

 Finally I got my a$$ in gear and tried to be thoughtful of my diorama.  Like my house, my collection, and my mind, I made a goal to keep it simple and clean.  Haha, my mind is simple.

The male model is CG Doll Slim (the website is NSFW), I call him Omar, after this guy.  The lady is a JAMIEshow doll, Isabella.  I had her repainted by a wonderful artist,  see more of her work here.  A special thanks to Therealdollnerd for my fabulous stanchions.  He just couldn't take my pipe cleaner velvet ropes lol.  He hunted the fabric store for just the right cording and found the right jewelry clasps to make everything authentic.  For more photos, see my FLICKR!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Promise...

... so it's the holidays again!  I love this time of year, especially Thanksgiving.  It's all the joy of Christmas without the stress of gift giving and snow.  This November, I'm taking a moment each day to reflect for why I am thankful... and there is much to be thankful for.  I promise I will remain thankful always :)

On the dolly side of things, I have many things to be thankful for as well, ahem.... maybe too many things!  I think I have muttered to myself (as I send a PayPal) multiple times that I promise I won't buy another doll until  1)  I enjoy the ones I have already  or 2) ... next year.  I was really tested when I saw all of those cool Integrity boys in blog posts about the recent Convention... oh Hellooooo Declan. 

I am here with you now.  In front of all of my e-pals,  promising to 1) enjoy the dolls I already have and 2) not buy another doll until next year.  I am going on record lol!   

In recognition of this promise.  A quickie scene.  -enjoy

King Peregrine conducts the ceremony of the "Not buying a doll" promise.  Coe represents the good person of SCD (me) making the promise.  Susie holds the official Promising Folder.  The folder once belonged to Barbie herself!

"I solemnly promise to not buy a doll until 2014, and I promise I will enjoy the dolls that already live in SCD land!  So help me Santa"  .... and it's done.

King Peregrine and Queen Magda in their first official portrait.  

I can't remember why I wanted a royal couple, perhaps it was Kate Middleton's pregnancy, but in the end the crazy wants what the crazy wants.  I knew I had my king in Perry.  His face is so... striking, it must be royal.  You need a whole lot of pedigree to get that face to be acceptable, lol.  

King Peregrine originally arrived to SCD with a Monogram Lady, but I never felt they clicked.  Lady Admiration de Monogram was destined for another life and lifestyle, so I was on the hunt for a queen.  When I saw the Independent Woman doll released, I knew I found my queen.  Let's just say I believe they really complement each other's looks.  Plus she has a serene face, it makes up for Perry's scowl.  I had so much fun getting them dressed, making their sashes and regalia.  Finally I get to share them with you.  

Sometimes, I just love a doll's face and that face has to come live here.  I always pick a mate for that doll too, usually I pick a good pair.  Sometimes it doesn't always work and I have to go searching for a proper mate.  Other times I see a doll, quickly make a story around the doll and it's on the way to SCD, with a friend in tow of course.  I'd love to hear from all of you, and find out how you choose your dolls.  

-gobble gobble, Mark