Thursday, January 1, 2015

Can. #12

Winter is cold and long.  It can be bleak and desolate.  It can be a time to turn inward and contemplate. It can be a time to with drawl and reset yourself.  It can be all of these things, these things are good for the soul but winter can be so much more.  

As we travel through the winter season, don't travel so inward that no one can find you.  Don't with drawl so completely that you miss the next big thing.

On to the next adventure!

PS!  I did it, 12 days of Christmas, woo-hooooo!   

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Plans. Day 11

What are you doing tonight?  Any big plans?  Where are you going?  This was the big conversation today at work.

I responded with sarcastic contrite, well if watching cartoons in my Pajamas, then switching over to Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin at 11:59PM counts, then yes I do have plans.

Cheers to all of you brave souls, who brave the bars and the roads on this very New night!  I hope your search for the perfect moment under the disco ball comes to fruition.  If not, have fun with your best friends at Denny's.

Please enjoy some of the SCD cast as they enjoy a little party hosted by Bebe New Year, played by Adele!  Here's some mood music for you to enjoy too.  This one is fun too!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Critical X-Mass. Day 10

At some point during the holiday season, many reach critical mass (critical X-mass?).  The moment when it all becomes too much.  It begins with the excitement of celebration, of church, and of friends and of parties.  It sneaks up on us too.  One second, we're in the car, excitedly talking about who we are going to see, and what food we will eat or what drink we are going to have.  All of the [sic] sudden, we just want to crawl into bed.  While putting on a brave face for the party, smiling and joking with our most treasured friends, we die a little death with every utterance of small talk.  If we are  lucky enough to drive home alone, we can blast the radio to Guns and Roses, to get the demons out of our head.  However if we are part of a couple, suffer the poor soul who sits next to us in the car.  Hold fast dear friends, we shall sleep soon, enjoy this bit right now, because January is a long and ugly, and we will just wish for something to do besides shovel snow.

I took these photos at the beginning of my marathon.  At first I thought it was cool to have these two beautiful dolls going for a visit.  Then I looked at their expressions, like someone got a Pepperidge Farms cheese sampler, then cut it... big time.  I thought for a second that I wish Integrity toys would sculpt some smiling faces, but now I'm glad they rarely do. lol

 Ring the door bell.
No, you ring the door bell.
 I will destroy you.
 I'm not going in, say hi to everyone for me.
 What?  You mad?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Bah... Day 9

There should be a law!  LOL.  Don't you think it's criminal to take down your Christmas decorations before Epiphany?  Just kidding, do what works for you of course.  I guess the little kid in me feels that as the trees start showing up on the curb, and the lights are unceremoniously unplugged, it's the final nail in the coffin that tells you to return to life as usual. 

My folks were pretty relaxed when it came to undecorating the house for Christmas.  One year, my uncle was so embarrassed to see our tree curbside in March.  Despite what culture tells me is right, I see nothing wrong with it.  Also, wouldn't it be great if we could leave our Christmas lights up until late winter?  Maybe I should start a hashtag, something like #holidaylightsareokuntilmarch.  Before I do that, I guess I have to figure out why hashtags are a thing :)  I'm old, I don't care.  Taking down decorations... Humbug.

The next scene is Perk Scrooge, making Victor Cratchit take down the office decorations.  Perk has already moved on to her next vacation.  Is that a Poolside fashion I see peeking out of her bag?  Why are her golf clubs at the office with her.  She must be going to the islands for New Years.