Sunday, July 12, 2015

Big Beautiful Deena

SuperCoolDollHouse hosted a charity fair last weekend!  Two new arrivals wanted to make sure they made a good impression so they volunteered their time.  They each bought a space at the park for their charity.  These gals started their journey to SCD as Dena(s) from Big Beautiful Doll.  I think they said that even though they checked the box on the immigration form as Latina, they are actually Filipinas.  They go by their nick names Ding and Ning.  
This is Ning, she has a passion for animal rescue.  She heads SCD ARC, SuperCoolDollHouse's Animal Rescue and Care
This is Ding, she has a passion for .... passion.  

Ning:  Sister?  I don't think that is what SCD had in mind for the Charity Fair.
Ding:  We all serve in our own way sister, besides, all the proceeds will go to a great cause.
Ning: ...
Ding:  Don't be like that, trust me when I say, it's for a good cause.
Nin:  ... (and a side eye)

 The two little cuties are new to SCD too!  They arrived on Christmas :)  They are Lotte and Finn.

Finn:  Adopt!  Don't shop!
Lotte:  Only eat meat that isn't cute!
Finn:  Lotte, you suck.

Ding:  Ning you better keep your animals on your side!
Ning:  You better do the same.

.... and everyone laughed.... (I rarely do dialogue, so..... don't judge to harshly)


... so no sooner had I thought I was done with my 1/6 cycle, I get sucked right back in.  In the last few months I've been seeing the Big Beautiful Doll dolls enjoy a resurgence.  Blame Vanessa and Ms. Leo lol!  I have always admired them, and thought it would be neat to have all three in my collection.  Alas, even  years ago when I  first noticed them they were already off the market, and finding them on the secondary market was tough. 

One day recently, as I was admiring the BBDs on a few blogs, I came across contact information for the creator!  I emailed her straight away hoping to get the girls.  I was delighted when Georgette, one half of the creative team, emailed me herself. (and she's so nice...)  I was hoping to get all three gals, but woe is me, she only had Deenas left... so I bought two.  When they arrived, they were nude, so like many BBD-philes I dug in the deep recesses of my home to unearth some lovely frocks for the gals.  I wanted to make sure my Denas were kitted out in fashionable, youthful and smokin' attire.  I've seen that BBDs out there are made into best friends, mothers and (yikes!) grammas and I wanted to honor the spirit of these dolls, and keep them young and vibrant.  I think I did pretty well.

also... The Real Doll Nerd did me another solid.  Did you notice Ning and Ding's shoes?  Well TRDN squirrel-ed them away many moons ago.  They are dollar store toys that were knock offs of these.  At the dollar store, they were called Fashion Express.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Big Time Fun!

... so six months and one day ago, I commented on a post by A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures.  Dana, the very nice writer of said blog was asking if we her readers have any doll themed resolutions.  Above is a screen capture of mine.  Whoops.

... so let's see

1)  Nope, sowee.  
2) YES!
3) sort of...

I have no idea where the time goes.  I feel like it's always Monday or Friday, and then the weekends fly by so fast.  Anyway, I still am doing dolly stuff, and actually, I've enjoyed my (our shared) hobby more this past year, than I have in awhile.

I finally cycled out of wanting 1/6 scale stuff!  That took awhile.  I still like to look, but I just don't have the need to buy.  Maybe Integrity will release something soon that will resonate with me, and bring me back.  

What really ended my 1/6 cycle is I rediscovered my Volks MSD.  In 2007 I had the opportunity to buy a Full Choice System (FCS) doll when I was in California.  I wasn't really into them, but I knew it was kind of a once in a life time opportunity.  Turns out it was, because the only American showroom that Volks operated recently closed, taking the FCS experience with it.  I hear you can still do it online, but it was so much fun to do the face to face consultation.

This is boring huh?  Anyway, I started playing with my MSD, bought a brother to play with her and so here are some pictures....  If you want the long version, which you don't, I'll tack it on at the end.

... and before you look at the pictures, here's one doll storage thing I've started doing.  See I sorta started organizing :)  Oh, and I lost a little weight... but still weight shmeight...

 Morning a Magnus a Mimi's

 pretty kitty
 Mimi's and Magnus' bedrooms are just off the great room.

The long version.  It was getting close to Christmas, and I had no idea what to get my partner for Christmas.  I was trying to get him something from one of his favorite companies, so I poked around Ebay for Sybarites, Dollfies, ceramic horses etc.  I had no intention of getting him a Super Dollfie, but when I saw her face on Ebay, I knew that was the doll that would be bought for him.  I was able to get him a sister for his FCS SD13!  I too had a Volks, she's an MSD.  I never played with her because 1) Dollfie rooms would have to be huge, and so would there accessories, and I had no room for that stuff.  2)  She had no friend to play with, you know how I'm a sucker of having pairs of things.  After, looking at Dollfies in preparation for his Christmas present, it reawakened my interest in Dollfies too.  I went searching for a brother for my MSD.  I reached back to my first days of doll collecting and reconnected with my fascination with Dollshe boy dolls.  These guys are huge.  27 inches tall huge.  So.... after hunting and looking at Den of Angels for weeks, I finally brought one home.  So Mimi has a big brother now, and I in my craziness decided to make them a room setting.  The results are above :)

check my Flickr for more pictures of the room.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Could it be true?

Just a quick post between stupid snow shoveling.

Has anyone vetted either of these sites?

The Real Doll Nerd stumbled across them?  Will these fill the gap since THE DOLLPAGE went dark?

I hope so....


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Can. Day 12

Winter is cold and long.  It can be bleak and desolate.  It can be a time to turn inward and contemplate. It can be a time to with drawl and reset yourself.  It can be all of these things, these things are good for the soul but winter can be so much more.  

As we travel through the winter season, don't travel so inward that no one can find you.  Don't with drawl so completely that you miss the next big thing.

On to the next adventure!

PS!  I did it, 12 days of Christmas, woo-hooooo!