Saturday, December 24, 2011


So Santa went to the doctor for his millenial physical.  UH OH, hypertensive, pre-diabetic, high LDL, low HDL, and we wont' even mention the triglycerides.... ugh...  So Santa and the Mrs go on a diet, make a lot of healty changes and get a new PR guy.  This year, he comes out as the new and improved Santa, re-branded as SINTER.  A new jolly fellow for the new jolly age.  Ain't that just sexy! -enjoy

 Sinter reviews the naughty and nice list.

 Slim fit jacket and fedora, the man about the office look.

 Isis Claus gets her man ready for the big night. 

Isis loves Christmas Eve.  The one night she gets some "me" time!

Sinter on his motor cycle "Sleigh-er."  Ever hear of horse power?  This machine boast 8 reindeer under the hood.  Isis makes sure he wears his helmet.  Safety first!

thanks to all the members, I hope to give you more in 2012.


Petra Noir

If you poke around the interwebs you can find some very interesting things.  For instance, many cultures out there have Santa AAAAND Santa's antithesis.  A character who travels with Santa and punishes the naugty children.  This link here will tell you of a few.  I've always been a fan of balance, ying and yang.  Light and dark, good and evil, sunshine and rain, Midge and Francie etc.  So here I present Petra Noir,  a play on the name Black Peter, one of Santa's unloving companions.  It's just two photos, but it's enough.  All the little Kellys and Skippers of the doll world better "watch out."  -Enjoy

 Petra Noir and her assistant Krampoint.0 review the naughty list that the nice man forwarded her.  Krampoint.0 reads the handwritten list and Petra cross checks the digital data base she keeps.  Evolved from her predecessors, Petra neither whips the naughts or even eats them for Christmas dinner.  She just hacks into their new e-toys and crashes them.  She also delivers a traditional lump of coal for good measure.


Happy Festivus!  The uber PC, slightly naughty term used to celebrate all the winter holidays!  "Gearing" up for the big night is a certain someone's E.L.F. or Electronic Labor Force!  
Scanner on the left scans and inventories the incoming goods from the many retailers  that  the 'man' sources from across the globe!  Gone are the days of meat elves complaining about long work hours, and insurance claims.  Toys are ordered online now, sent to the North Pole and distributed among the nice children of the world.  Spanner on the right is in charge of logging each outgoing present and makes sure each deserving child is on  the "list."

 Que-cee does that quality control.  This E.L.F.  makes sure no toys are broken as they leave the north pole.  Que-cee also makes sure that outgoing goods meet the North Pole's health and safety standards for toys.  The highest standards globally!

Dragger is in charge of off loading the freight containers that arrive daily.  Bagger is in charge of getting each gift that has been secured for delivery to the correct loading area for delivery.  It's very important to get the correct gift to the correct magical bag.  They are interchangeable and versatile, able to switch jobs as the incoming and outgoing activity varies from one time of the year to another.

Some things are still done by the 'man' though.  He manually looks over the naughty or nice list, and informs his E.L.F. crew as to the status of each child.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hustle and Bustle

... and so it begins again. Full of turkey and a chill in the air. I've been in retail my entire professional career, 16 years as a Visual Merchandiser, and I'm always excited to see the crowds poor in the doors and really get the Holiday mojo going. I am not however excited to be in the crowd. Having Black Friday off is a rare treat, but I sort of do miss seeing the excitement of the official kick off to the holidays. To pay tribute to all the people keeping the economy going, and giving me something to smile at I give you a Super Cool Doll House day in town. Belated Happy Thanksgiving! -enjoy

behind TJ are two of my newest models Viktor James and Collette

Hey there!

Ho there!

Power siblings Romain and Eugenia

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cape Henlopen

This passed weekend we got the heck out of dodge and went to the beach! Me and the real doll nerd packed up the car, the dog and a few dolls and headed down to the Delaware coast. My favorite beach is Cape Henlopen State Park. You can take your dog there. What would a Supercool getaway be without a few doll photos? -enjoy

World War Two era gun tower at Cape Henlopen.

At the base of the tower was an old rusted out door, perfect for a little shoot.
This is TRDN's Momoko.

I've decided that these two are my new travel dolls. Susie and Coe.
I wish I had taken a few more shots, but hey! I was on vacation : )

For more pics, visit my Flickr photostream! You'll see my doggie.

Monday, June 13, 2011


... if one does not publish on the date one enters a post... the publish date will still be the day it is entered... not last edited... good to know... see below... I entered the text 9 days before, but did not publish with photos until later... is there a way to get around this?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh... the drama of it all....

I’m not a big fan of the theater but I’m a great fan of THEATER.

I love the concept of going to a darkened auditorium, and letting the actors transport me to another place… but the reality is, the whole thing bores me silly. Perhaps I’ve been and still am too poor to afford good theater, or maybe I’m a gen-x slacker who needs special effects and million dollar budgets in order to buy into the story presented. Possibly, somewhere out there, exist actors just waiting to impress me.

On the other hand there is THEATER, of life that is. You know the kind when you’re just minding your own business and you get a glimpse of someone's life... and you're all up in their cool aid? You can see the emotion between people, but you can just hear a bit and you can't read lips and you're like... What's that all about? No? just nosey ole me? … YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT… THEATER!

Anyway… I’ve been inspired. I’d been looking for a sky background for my scenes. I’ve been using plexi with the blue protective film still attached. It’s worked, but they’re in small sections and the blue is starting to peel. So, I ordered blue window film and adhered it to a large piece of clear plexiglass. When I had it all set up, it reminded me of my high school’s auditorium and stage, a clean crisp canvas where students would dance, or sing or put on a play. Well here’s a nice little place for some doll Theater I thought. And here it is. - Enjoy

At the beach. First date? Proposal? Break up?

At the store. Frenemies? Sisters?

At a restaurant two tables away. Why's he nervous? Is she crying or laughing?

At the airport. Brother in-laws? Modern family?

On a city street. What?!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memories of My Mother

If you've been a reader of this blog you'll know that in the fall of 2009 my mother had open heart surgery, twice. After that her recovery was slow but hopeful. She eventually made it home on July 2, 2010. My sisters, brother, dad and I were able to spend some real quality time with her. No hospital, no doctors, no nurses, just us. The powers that be had other plans for our family though. Mom passed away early one morning near Thanksgiving. We saw through the darkness and recognized we were blessed to have what time we had with her, and true to the season we were thankful. It's crazy that all happened six months ago. Some days life passes as if everything is fine, other days the enormity of it all can be crushing, I'm pretty sure that's normal : ) So here we are at Memorial Day weekend, I thought I'd share a bit of my life with you folks. -enjoy
Mom was a nurse, she wore nurse whites and school cap her entire professional life, no scrubs for her. She was just the right lady to have a funny little son, she helped him grow up to be a neat guy, if I do say so myself.

Mom was a fan of comfortable clothes, but when it was time to be dressed to the nines, she was very well heeled. She also made sure her kids looked great too.

She came to the U.S. from the Philippines in 1957, bringing with her a strong work ethic. She had no problem working and putting us to work.

Even if she wasn't part of the main action, she always made her presence felt. I think I miss this most of all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where's the Tardis

So I've entered the BBC's Where's the Tardis contest. The Tardis is from the sci-fi show "Doctor Who" and is the Doctor's spaceship/time machine. Tardis stands for time and relative dimension in space. FYI. Just thought you'd like to know. It's a rehash of a past entry, plus a new photo! If you're on Facebook, be sure to like my entry. I'll post the link below. I sort of didn't follow the norm. Seems everyone posted the outside of the spaceship, like they asked, but I entered one of my interiors. Oh well... as they say... send it up the flag pole and see who salutes. This is very fun for me. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!!!!!

OH EM GEE... I haven't posted in five months... It's actually an improvement over my last break... lol. Last time I went six months... this was only five, so I've improved! Winning. Anyway, it's been a busy time for me. I've experienced a devastating loss, yet in that darkness a bit of light has peeked through. I'll share more on this later. Right now I'd like to wish everyone a joyous Easter, a time for remembrance, revitalization and rebirth. Peace! Enjoy.