Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Promise...

... so it's the holidays again!  I love this time of year, especially Thanksgiving.  It's all the joy of Christmas without the stress of gift giving and snow.  This November, I'm taking a moment each day to reflect for why I am thankful... and there is much to be thankful for.  I promise I will remain thankful always :)

On the dolly side of things, I have many things to be thankful for as well, ahem.... maybe too many things!  I think I have muttered to myself (as I send a PayPal) multiple times that I promise I won't buy another doll until  1)  I enjoy the ones I have already  or 2) ... next year.  I was really tested when I saw all of those cool Integrity boys in blog posts about the recent Convention... oh Hellooooo Declan. 

I am here with you now.  In front of all of my e-pals,  promising to 1) enjoy the dolls I already have and 2) not buy another doll until next year.  I am going on record lol!   

In recognition of this promise.  A quickie scene.  -enjoy

King Peregrine conducts the ceremony of the "Not buying a doll" promise.  Coe represents the good person of SCD (me) making the promise.  Susie holds the official Promising Folder.  The folder once belonged to Barbie herself!

"I solemnly promise to not buy a doll until 2014, and I promise I will enjoy the dolls that already live in SCD land!  So help me Santa"  .... and it's done.

King Peregrine and Queen Magda in their first official portrait.  

I can't remember why I wanted a royal couple, perhaps it was Kate Middleton's pregnancy, but in the end the crazy wants what the crazy wants.  I knew I had my king in Perry.  His face is so... striking, it must be royal.  You need a whole lot of pedigree to get that face to be acceptable, lol.  

King Peregrine originally arrived to SCD with a Monogram Lady, but I never felt they clicked.  Lady Admiration de Monogram was destined for another life and lifestyle, so I was on the hunt for a queen.  When I saw the Independent Woman doll released, I knew I found my queen.  Let's just say I believe they really complement each other's looks.  Plus she has a serene face, it makes up for Perry's scowl.  I had so much fun getting them dressed, making their sashes and regalia.  Finally I get to share them with you.  

Sometimes, I just love a doll's face and that face has to come live here.  I always pick a mate for that doll too, usually I pick a good pair.  Sometimes it doesn't always work and I have to go searching for a proper mate.  Other times I see a doll, quickly make a story around the doll and it's on the way to SCD, with a friend in tow of course.  I'd love to hear from all of you, and find out how you choose your dolls.  

-gobble gobble, Mark

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back To Cool

These past two weeks, social media has been happily flowing with back to school pictures.  It was fun to see all the little faces.  Some brave, some super psyched, and some in tears.  Regardless of their emotions, it looked like they were stepping off of school buses and right onto runways :)  

Looking at all the pics, it reminds me of my own first days.  With the exception of my Jams in 1985, it was pretty standard.  Polos, jeans, rugby shirts, funny t-shirts etc., but these kids look like they're all about to hit the VMAs!  I was inspired to send a couple of my younger dolls off to SCD Middle School. 

My two favorite dolls in this age group are of course Ricky and Skipper.  Their original bodies are less than desirable.  The bodies are exactly the same for both, and have no articulation.  Booooo!  When I first saw the Monster High Dolls, the brain started working, and look what happened!  What do you think?  -enjoy

Ricky patiently waits for Skipper so his dad can take them to school.

 Here's Skipper!  Late as usual, trying to get her look together :)

 One more good picture for Facebook

...and Skipper needs a solo... of course.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Still Proud, Just Tired...

Well another June has come and gone, and the USA sees and end to another Gay Pride month.  All the parades, all the parties and a piece of history was made.  It's been years since I carried a flag in one hand and a beer in another, but it's nice to know that culture carries on by those who have the energy.  Used to be I was always up for a parade and a party, but like most people my age, I've changed my priorities.  Like keeping my little piece of the 'hood paid for, stocking Lean Cuisines in the fridge and keeping my dogs in haircuts.  I used to get sixty bucks out of the ATM on Saturday (if I could afford it or not) and see my way to a night out with the boys.  A handful of us guys keep in touch, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who traded their Saturday night shirts for a bagless vacuum that does carpet AND hardwood floors.  In any case, I'm not going out and celebrating, but the dolls thought it would be fun.  Have a look!  -enjoy. 

 The Ladies Who Lunch driving the local glitterati in the parade.

 Tom and Harley enjoying their 15 minutes.

 Cruz and Hansel taking in the sights.

 Tara Jean and Terry Jane looking fierce.

RuPaul on her float, this year's headliner!

more at Flickr(which I'm still mad at, but lazy too)!