Saturday, May 30, 2009


Super Cool Doll House took it easy again, doing a quick set up.  This one was fun to do though.  I finally got to use this piano that, The Real Doll Nerd gave me a while back.  In addition, I found a reason to justify all the extra dolls I just can't give rid of!  Plus after I went to a bunch of discount stores I came home with the Lucy and Ethel Kelly dolls, this post is a sweet way to show them off.  I"m not really into Kelly, but these two are really cute.  Visit my Flickr account for more pictures.  Enjoy!
Isha conducts Kelly and Kelly's duet, I think they're singing something about Paris.

Takeo hammers a tune out on the piano.

Francisco wows the audience with a concerto.

The main attraction Adele, sings the audience into a trance.

The whole cast takes a bow.

In case you were wondering:
Curtain:  metallic knit
Lights:  "Department 56" lights
Piano:  music box, it is labled "Wonderland"  It originally had a magnetic ballerina that danced on the lid.


D7ana said...

I love
the piano - it looks so classy

Francisco's hair - head jerking conveyed by his pose & hair arrangement

the spotlights

the audience wedge seen in the third photo

seeing your "regulars" in this new setting

Thanks for sharing!

Niel Camhalla said...

This is great! Did you use some sort of spotlight?

Super Cool Doll House said...

Niel- Yes, I use a strong flashlight to do the spot work. I'll post a picture of it later on so you can see.

Pubdoll said...

I love this scene! All the music instruments are so well made, and Adele's gown and the mens suits are fabulous!