Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mums the Word

Happy Mother's Day to the many counties that honor mothers today and happy any other day to the rest of the world!  In celebration of all our mothers, Super Cool Doll House pays homage to the mother of all fashion dolls, Barbie.  Boy oh boy, pink is not really Super Cool Doll House's bag, and if you listen closely, you may hear me wretch a little.  In any case I hope you enjoy this sweet little room.  Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, who taught me how to craft and get everything done in the nick of time... and Happy Mother's day Barbie.  Who without, none of us doll nerds would have anything to play with. 

P.S.  thanks Urrgghh of Pink Parlor for sharing this blog with the board.

In case you were wondering:

Floor and drapes:  craft fabric from Michael's
Walls:  Gift wrap
Flower arrangement:  spray paint can top, styrofoam ball, scrap book roses, spanish moss.  Fabricated by my partner, The Real Doll Nerd.
Sculpture:  flea market find, owned by my parnter, The Real Doll Nerd.
Barbie:  she is a number four wearing vintage Barbie,"Theater Date" with "Continental Holiday Silkstone" layered under
Momoko: she is wearing, vintage Skipper "Party Pink"
Adele and Susie:  bits of this and that
all Fashion provided by my partner, The Real Doll Nerd.

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casapinka said...

oh c'mon....the pink's growing on you! great job.