Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Own Favorites...

Super Cool Doll House thought he'd take it easy this week and post some pictures that never made it to the blog or were hidden in the slide show that lots of visitors skip.  These are actually some of my favorites but because of whatever reason, have not been enjoyed yet.  Enjoy!

Adele and Takeo have a moment in the foyer.  This one didn't make it because I didn't like this rug.

Pierre and Isha have an even bigger moment in the living room.  This pic actually made it in under the "Blog is in the Details."  Most visitors don't take the time to watch the slide show it's in.  If you have time, take a look, it's cute. link

Teeny Tiny, I love setting stuff like this up.  I use tweezers to place everything.  Also in the entry "Blog is in the Details."  link

Adele wonders if spaghetti was the right thing to serve...and so did Super Cool Doll House.  This photo was re shot without the spaghetti.  The photo that made it was also included in "Blog is in the Details."  link  I still like this one though,   I don't think I captured exactly the same thing in the re shot photos.

If you've been reading the blog, you may already understand that I like to look through the window and see.  Stalking my own dolls... what's that about?

Luckily for you, 5 photos per post are the limit.  Otherwise I may have gone all day with pictures that I think are worthy.  Anyway, it was a nice relaxing weekend with no big doll project.  I got to overeat at the Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet, hang with one of my best friends and take a few naps... and next week?  Many ideas, let's see which idea gets to be.  

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