Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Spy with a 1/6 Eye

This past week my partner The Real Doll Nerd presented me with a Jack Bauer of "24" action figure.  We both agreed the action figure itself was okay, but the clothes and accessories were really pretty good.  Sunglasses, brief case, cell phone, guns and shirt were appropriated to my Fashion Royalty Homme wardrobe.  The action figure and accessories inspired this weeks entry.  Enjoy!
Click on the image for a closeup.  Check out Isha on the Screen.

In case you were wondering:

Fireplace: Gloria, not customized.  Interior of fireplace are circuti board coasters I found at Target on sale.
Flat screen TV:  a portable DVD player, the bottom half fits perfectly behind the fire place.  The images shown are pictures of Isha and a soldier doll.  I burned them onto a DVD.

Floor:  Drawer mat from IKEA
Chairs:  vintage Barbie, painted black
Blue prints: fabricated by The Real Doll Nerd, images found online and manipulated to 1/6 scale

Click here to see the original elements.

Click here to see more at my Flickr photostream.


Niel Camhalla said...

I left a comment/question at Flickr asking about the flat screen. Now I know. ^_^

Conversation Pieces said...

Ha! Brilliant! Having a Jack Bauer doll as Barbie's boyfriend would have been so much better than Ken!

D7ana said...

I love Takeo with his cigarette and ashtray. The way he looks at tv while smoking. Very cool and nonchalant.

Love the lighting, too. Sets a cozy, intimate mood. Like peeping into their window and seeing them relaxed in the evening.

petitenouveau said...

Wow, I love this mini DVD player idea. This room is fantastic, totally different than anything I've seen.

Pubdoll said...

This set up is so cool, and so is your blog! I haven't had the time to look through it all, but love it so far!