Sunday, May 3, 2009

Feelin' Groovy

Starting out my life in the 70s left a very big impression on me.  Mostly an orange impression.  Oh my... all that orange.  Despite all the design faux pas from that era, not to mention all the faux woods, furs and bricks, some stuff is worth keeping.  Here is my homage to the 70s.  When Pepsi was fine in the toddler's bottle, dads smoked in the car on the way to church, and polyester was a versatile fabric.  Visit my Flickr photostream for more photos.  Enjoy!

In case you were interested:

sofa and chair: 70s Barbie furniture customized with wood veneer and fabric
rug:  Upholstery fabric from IKEA's as-is department
floor:  High gloss vinyl, scored to look like planks
wall:  Sintra(board made of PVC) panel scored to look like brick
table:  Plexi display riser
side tables:  Resin boxes from the dollar store
lamp:  made from a napkin ring, wood dowel, and battery tea light from IKEA
window covering:  Piece of a place mat
mobile:  Shell bead
art glass:  Glass pendant
Kyori's hostess pajamas:  Made by my partner, The Real Doll Nerd, from a tie!

1 comment:

Pubdoll said...

This scene is just fabulous!
I love the retro style, the colours and the hostess' pyjamas:)
Really nice work!