Sunday, March 1, 2009

Livin' Large Room

Here are some pictures of the living room that after two years, I've finally put some finishing touches on it. When I look at how it turned out... it's balla! Cribs ain't got nothin on me. Enjoy

Above, Adele welcomes you from the foyer into the living room.

In case you were curious: Sofa and chair-Gloria set painted with gold spray paint and upholstered with green chiffon, click here for the orignal color. Ottoman- custom piece made by Mister Chris. Tray-vintage piece. Goblets, wine bucket, bottle- from a Gloria piece. Area rug- fabric sample. Wall paper- scrapbook specialty paper. Side table- from a Hannah Montana set. Art piece- mini frame with a Hawaiian key chain figurine suspended inside. Chandelier- Christmas ornament. Radio- Christmas ornament, painted. Small table- from a Barbie set. Table fabric rounds- green chiffon.

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