Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Doll's Gotta Eat

The very first post on Super Cool Doll House had a picture of Fashion Royalty's Francisco Leon looking out of a window in a blue room.  Here are a few pictures of that room's development.  Some nice details have been added through time, and some more are planned, take a look and enjoy.  

Above, Volk's Mami poses in front of Gloria play set china cabinet and dining table and chairs.  Click here for the original color of the play sets.  The play set was spray painted matte white and upholstered with a small scale striped fabric.  If you enlarge the photo you can see the china cabinet has some detailed carving on it.  This was added using upholstery lace glued onto the edges.  This was then painted with glue and then spray painted white.

Above is a Barbie vanity sans mirror, look for it in a future update, it should be painted to match the room.  The art work is from the back of an old calendar.

Above the chandelier was a Christmas ornament.  It was lit with battery powered led string lights from IKEA.  The wall to wall carpeting started life as a framers matte board.  The accessories were collected from various Gloria and Barbie sets.  The curtains were made from fabric, remember to look for good scales for different projects.  The curtain rod is a bamboo skewer with beads.

Stay tuned for a doll photo shoot using this room, maybe catch the dolls eating a meal.

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