Sunday, February 22, 2009

Foyer Foto Shoot

Last week I posted a couple preliminary photos of my dollhouse foyer. Turns out they weren't so preliminary and I went right to the fun part of a photo shoot. Have a look at Isha, Kyori, Adele and Takeo of Fashion Royalty entering the house. You may have noticed (or soon will) that my models rarely wear shoes. I do know that I tend to lose small stuff like that, so shoes remain safely packed away. Enjoy.

In case you were wondering:

rugs: images found on the Internet and printed on flocked paper

furniture: white table and lamp-Gloria furniture set; chairs-Barbie kitchen chairs repainted and upholstered; magazine rack-wine rack ornament

accessories: mirror-picture frame and cosmetic mirror; Buddha-vacation souvenir.

floor, staircase and window: I made it! wood craft sticks for the floor, 1"x2" plank for the stairs, wood glue and stain.

stair rail: pieces from a Barbie fashion mall

Here is a snap shot of the dollhouse living room. It's the first room I did two years ago. I sort of stopped developing it for some reason, but now I'm back on it. Look for a more finished product in a coming post. This photo has Pierre and Isha of Fashion Royalty lounging. Isha perches on a Barbie piece i painted and upholstered and Pierre relaxes on a custom ottoman(by my partner). The bird sculpture is from my partners collection, it started as a piece from a group of white plastic figurines(you can find similar sets of farm animals, jungle animals etc. at a craft store), it was then hand painted. The coffee table is made of two ring boxes and a small piece of plexi glass. The vase is actually a lamp shade finial with a floral pick of beads nestled inside, this piece is also from my partner's collection.

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