Sunday, March 22, 2009

If You Can't Take the Cool, Get Out of the Kitchen

I have no idea what to say about my Super Cool Doll House's kitchen, other than I'm psyched and really proud of how this turned out.('cept the pendant lights, crooked, ugh...I'm working on it!)

Above:  Francisco Leon of Fashion Royalty in his skivvies poses with Kyori, also of Fashion Royalty.  She's wearing one of Isha's outfits from "Final Cut."  He's all, "What are you doing today?"

She's all, "Gotta get into the office early, lots of work to do.  Gotta cash my bonus before the feds get it."

and he's all, " don't you want to even stay for breakfast?...sigh"

P.S.  I'm not really into doll stories, but I couldn't resist a little.

In case you were interested:
Flooring:  drawer mat from IKEA
Wall:  drawer mat from a big box store
Kitchen counters and appliances:  Vintage Sindy kitchen modified with metallic and white contact paper, click here for original packaging
Pendant light:  IKEA summer lights
Counter stools:  from a Hannah Montana set
Accessories:  a combination of Barbie, Gloria, Sindy, magnets etc.  Leave a comment to find out specifics.  Way to many to name!

click here to see more photos


j said...

Hello! I came across your blog in my search for a Barbie sized kitchen set and was thoroughly impressed!

I was wondering if you could offer some tips on good places to purchase Barbie sized room sets. Everything which is out nowadays is too modern, and most minature stores up here in Toronto only sell 1:12 sized houses and sets. I'm trying to recreate a 50's style kitchen and am finding it close to impossible!

Again, I love your blog!


D7ana said...

OMG! Your Sindy furnishings look so fresh and clean. I did a double take - oh, yes, there it is refreshed and modernized, the Sindy wall oven and sink. Contact paper, hmmm? I might try that. I especially like how the refrigerator has silvery doors. I've seen refrigerators looking like that at IKEA and other places. Love how you did it here.

The walls being from a place mat - clever. I like red brick walls, but it is refreshing to see something different.

That silvery catch-all holding the aerosol cans ... that I don't know how you did it, but it fits in that working but elegant kitchen. And a kitchen that classy could only house - serve - Fashion Royalty dolls, lol.

I like the mini story. The contrast in their stages of dress is funny. He's clearly thinking funtime; she's clearly thinking work or shopping. Check out the lady has her hat set just so! The way she's tapping that mini computer, doesn't bode well for Francisco's plans.

Finally, if a man has to come down dressed only in his skivvies, at least he came down in sharp, bright ones. Love how he brings an additional pop of color to the coolness of the kitchen.

And that is one cool set up - the lady, the lover, and the arrangements. I could go over it for hours ;-)

D7ana said...

Oooohhh! Had an idea ... may I pin this to two Pinterest boards? I have one for dioramas and I share duties on another board? Thanks in advance, either way you decide ;-)

Super Cool Doll House said...

Dana, Pin away!

... and Joanna, It's 4 years late, and I can't remember if I posted to your question somewhere else but, thank you! I usually "luck" into my finds, good luck :)

D7ana said...

Okay, M, here's your pin!

Let the super cool community know where it so they can check out Francisco in his red skivvies ;-)