Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day and Midsommar!

This weekend brought two special days! Number one Father's Day and (at least throughout Scandanavia) Midsummer. Super Cool Doll House thought it would be fun to combine the two events into one post.

For the Mother's Day post I aknowledge that Barbie is the mother of all modern fashion dolls. If Barbie is their mother, I'd pick GI Joe as their father. Why you may ask? My answer is simply because GI Joe has been tricked out with joints since the very begining. Way before Kyori Sato every struck a pose with her jointed body, Joe was kneeling, climbing, crawling through many a terrain. So we forgive Joe his fashion attire, but we thank him for inspiring fashion doll makers to make sure that today's doll can kill a catwalk without blinking a vinyl eye.

In conjunction with Father's Day, it's the summer solstice! The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Through work I've learned a bit about this day in the Scandanavian world. Boy, those Swedes sure take this seriously! Along with Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark, that part of the world is getting ready for one of their biggest parties of the year! They will raise a maypole, feast at a smörgåsbord, enjoy many libations and celebrate the victory of light over darkness! To see more photos, visit my Flickr Account.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad who always looks out for me and taught to nevery pay for what you can do yourself. Happy Midsummer to everyone! Enojoy.


Pubdoll said...

Happy midsummer! Tonight is the midsummer celebration here in Norway, and I really like this set up! (Even though it's the traditional Swedish celebration and not a bonfire as we have here)

Super Cool Doll House said...

Pubdoll! LOL, happy midsummer! Sorry I didn't do a bonfire, if I could stop the dolls from melting I'd do one in a second!

Pubdoll said...

I did one (see my blog), but because of the risk of melting, I kept it quite small.