Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Quick

This week's post is a Super Quickie. I've been feeling a little burnt out, so I'm taking a well deserved rest. I thought I'd revisit the Super Cool Kitchen, and display my two newest chicks. The Dynamite Girls' Valentine TJs! Ever since I saw them in a photo shoot in Haute Doll, April 2009, I thought they were super hot. Quite recently I got bitten by the shopping bug and decided they needed to come live at the Super Cool Doll House. (along with Darius and Lucas) I was surprised I'd dig them so much as they aren't from the Fashion Royalty line. (If you haven't noticed I have a little OCD when it comes to pairs and sets....) But they are Jason Wu, so I guess it's okay. These two are really fun, they are shorter than the FR ladies and not as busty, so they can wear all those cute Barbie things I hang on to. Anyway, enjoy!

Tara Jean and Terry Jane look at the floor plans for their bedroom at the Super Cool Doll House. (I'm actually trying to build them a room! Stay tuned...)


D7ana said...

The Valentine TJs look great. The kitchen is exquisite. And I look forward to seeing their bedroom once it's done.

Have a great time and get plenty of well-deserved rest ;-D

Niel Camhalla said...

I like how you name them and still they're TJ's. ^_^

I'm near burn out, too. But when I find time to rest, I almost always find myself tinkering with dolls. And before I know it, I'm stressing over rerooting, stitching, painting their faces or not getting the right angle or lighting for their photos. LOL.

dora said...

Fantastico, parece de verdad.