Friday, October 30, 2009

Don't Be Scurred

I couldn't let Halloween pass without a post! Back in the summer, I had a really great idea for a month of Halloween posts, but it didn't happen like I'd hoped. I was gladly giving my spare time and energy helping my mom recuperate. She's doing better by the way : )

I did have time to whip these photos together. Enjoy.

Death by fabulous: TJ bites it Lady Gaga style, via a chandelier (click image for a larger view)

Dan, I won't be ignored....

Guess who?

Putting on her face for a night out....

Hope it's not too dark!


D7ana said...

Let's see ... Halloween night, Kiyori whispering deadly queries in the ear of a FR gent, and TJ with an axe and a mask ... scurred? Not me. I'm not quivering behind a triple-locked door.



Niel Camhalla said...

I need more blood... LOL