Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WOOOO! Made it!

Congrats to the newlyweds!  I love that from all over the doll world people are joining Van's Doll Treasures in celebrating Rod and Danielle's 1/6 wedding.

I don't even know if  Vanessa even knows who I am, but good job!  So much fun :)

Susie and Coe make it to the wedding in the nick of time!

Here's the invite.
Here are the international guests!  Look in the right column of the Facebook Timeline, Recent Posts by Others on Van's Doll Treasures  and then click 'see all.'


Vanessa said...

Thanks so much for sharing the invite! Yes, I actually do know who you are and I've been a follower of your blog for well over a year. Thanks again for sending your couple. We can never have too many guests.

Ms. Leo said...

Great special effects!

D7ana said...

Nice to see Susie and Coe at the church. Glad that they made it in time to get seats ... doesn't sound like there will be many.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the reminder.

BTW, love the special effect, too.

Chynadoll said...

New follower, looking forward to seeing Susie and Coe at the wedding!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I also sent one of my barbies Vanessa's wedding. I love this wedding so international. I can see us photos and Coe and Susie came to the wedding. See you all there. We remain in contact blog blog

Super Cool Doll House said...

Thanks everyone! I'm following all of you now. When I get to it, i'll make sure to share your blog on my blog roll :)

Heather said...

New follower here!

What an awesome idea, LOL, to photograph them in such a way! They look like they're really there (ahem *coughcough* which they were, of course)

Congrats on making it! I've been watching the festivities, but my girls are too young to attend (well... ok, not the Misaki... but they were all being moody, so I didn't want them to bring down the atmosphere with their negativity! XD )

Your blog is great and I can't wait to read more!

Minnie Kitchen said...

what a fun blog! Now following you :)

Super Cool Doll House said...

whoops! I never said thank you to Heather and Minnie Kitchen... better late than never. Thank you and I appreciate the comments :)