Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Colors of the Wind... of Change

The winds are a-blowin'!  Autumn winds have brought a riot of color and herald the change of season.  Summer becomes fall, flip flops become boots and campaigning turns to some sort of cliff talk.  I love it, sort of.

If you know me, you know I'm a summer boy.  I love summer, the easy flip flops, the comfy shorts, the cold sodas, the lush plants, the singing birds and even the sunburn on my nose and shoulders.  As I get older, I am getting to appreciate autumn.  When before it meant school (which I hated), no more summer (which I hate), no more beach (which I hate the most), it now means, cozy nights, fluffy scarves and baking things in the oven.  If I ever had to rate autumn on a scale of one to ten, it would have gotten a solid six, now it's at a 9.1.  Not so bad :)  

With my new found appreciation for autumn I present SuperCoolDollHouse in the park.  You can even see the city from here, it's beautiful.  Imagine the cool crisp air, the smell of wood burning stoves and the colors littering the ground.  I also get to show off my new dolls and outfits.

See!?  Change.  Nice... and it's color infused... and it's windy... -enjoy!

OOAK horse, made by TRDN, hand painted, custom mane and tail.  
 Pocohantas and Captain John Smith revisted!
Hansel and Amelie, enjoying SuperCoolDollHouse City Park.

 Isha and Oakie the horse, Isha's sporting a few Color Infusion pieces
Pierre and Oakie, like Pierre's hat? 
The De Vries cousins meet in the park for a pre-Thanksgiving picnic!

WARNING:  the following bit is pure crazy OCD  doll nerd stuff, so proceed at your own risk

Back when Fashion Royalty had their convention, I was loving all the fashions coming out of the Tropicalia Color Infusion(CI) events.  I even bought an outfit... and this  started a whoooooole thing.  First I bought one of the guy outfits, and I hated all the boys from the convention, so I bought a nude Hansel.  Then, Hansel had to have friend, and I didn't like Gretel... and I had my eye on one of the older Color Infusion girls, Amelie and she was a great price... so long story short, two new dolls.  Both wearing color infusion.  Ugh, when I had them together, I didn't like the older CI fashion colors, they are to earthy.  The new CI stuff is so bright!  I shoulda' known by looking at the pictures, but a doll nerd can dream.  So I ordered one of the lady outfits, yay!  I'd dress my Kyori who has no default outfit in the old CI, and dress my CI Amelie with the new outfit.  Ugh... Amelie is a small busted gal, and Kyori is BUSTY, so no outfit upgrade there  AND the CI outfit was way to long for Amelie. #FAIL.  So I searched and searched for a gal outfit that would look nice with my CI guy outfit.  (this process usually takes 3 days, I'll either get lucky and buy something  or frustrated and buy something that won't work)  I was lucky and found a "Mighty Real Reece" outfit, and the price was right, so it too came home to SuperCoolDollHouse.  It fit, and it looked nice and yay!  Ugh... now I was stuck with a CI outfit, that wouldn't work the way I wanted.  Apparently it's for a body type I don't have in my collection yet.  Thpppppttttt...  I tugged and stretched and snipped, and nope, it would not go on wardrobe-less Kyori, poor girl.  I decided to hide it and pretend I never bought it and it never happened.  Ugh... but it did happen... (OCD much?)  So, I'm looking at my collection, shaking my fist, crying why doesn't it fit? WHY WHY WHY!?  Then I notice how I don't like what Isha is wearing next to Pierre (they are a designated pair here at SCDH), see it here.  She looks to frumpy.  So hazzah!  I did a little mixing, and they look awesome.  A lot of prest-o change-o but yay!  

P.S.  Kyori got a new dress too :)


mjonczak said...

Great job! Loved the background.

D7ana said...

Pocohantas and Captain John Smith never looked so good ;-D

I love your autumn scene. The horse and the brick wall and the trees ... just throw in some homemade chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate ....

I LOVE autumn. My favorite season, too.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like all the photos associated with the fall. I prefer the summer but autumn is a pleasant season. Not too hot or too cold. The styles of all dolls are beautiful. Keep in touch

Super Cool Doll House said...

Thanks for looking!