Monday, February 20, 2012

Made for Each Other

Whew... It's still February so this post is still relevant!  Love is in the air at SuperCoolDollHouse and we enter the SCDH TV stuidos to find a little of it.  What better place to find love?  One kajillion reality shows can't be wrong (yes the can)...  SuperCoolDollHouse however, prefers to go the classy route (is there such?) and bring it old school, a la The Dating Game.  Long before the Bachelor, The Dating Game gave us some innocent and not so innocent entertainment, back when there were .... gasp... three channels... 5 if you're sister was willing to hold the  uhf (vhf? I forget) antenna, and the higher channel (above 13) fine tube knob wasn't broken off.  This post has alot of parenthesis... (sorry).  

Anyway, Susie is trying to find love, probably in all the wrong places.  Seems like everywhere she turns, the male population of SCDH seems meant for someone else.  It's true actually, I buy very few dolls by themselves.  They usually arrive with a friend in tow.  Susie however came via TheRealDollNerd (TRDN).  I traded him a little resin boy for her.  Since she came to me, I've been in search of a mate for her.  Dang you R and D Dolls!  No proper boyfriend for Susie? Well, we'll soon see if a Love Connection was made :) -enjoy!

Susie:  Bachelor number one, what do you love to do?
Ken:  uhhh... Barbie Barbie Barbie
Susie:  What now?
Ken:  Barbie Barbie Baribe
Takeo:  Sorry Susie, sounds like he has a one track mind.
 Susie:  Bachelor number three, do you get stressed out easily?
Takeru:  Well, if I'm handled roughly I can fall to pieces.
Susie:  Oh that's a shame.
Takeru:  It's ok, my girlfriend is the same way.
Susie:  Why are you here if you have a girlfriend?
Takeru:  Beats me, but I heard something about a lack of diversity on the shelf.
Susie:  ooooookay then.

Susie:  Bachelor number two, what kind of stuff are you made of?
Coe:  Well I used to be a GI, but after that ended, I changed my body so it'd be more slim and nicer to look at!
Susie:  Oh my!  
Takeo:  Oh my is right Susie.  It's almost as if he was made for you.  
Thanks TRDN for re-body-ing my clone Joe (Coe) for Susie!  This was another of my Christmas gifts!
Happy February everybody!


D7ana said...

Cool presents!

OMG, did you plan this for me? It is super cute. I used to watch The Dating Game when it was a school holiday or when I was home sick. It was rather fun. Do you remember The Newlywed Game, too? That was another fun one. Thanks for sharing this story and I LOVE the set!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I just discovered your blog and I love your dollhouse I like your collection of dolls and the furniture you use in your scenes. Congratulations for the pictures. I have a blog dedicated to Barbie I invite you to visit: If you're still in touch from blog to blog.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like your blog. Valentine input is very creative. The dolls you have in your collection seems very nice. I also have clothes that you have. I have a blog dedicated to Barbie dioramas in which I do. I invite you to visit: If you're still in touch Blog to Blog

Super Cool Doll House said...

Hi Marta, and my e-friend Dana. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to my blog! Thank you for looking, I'll check out your blog Marta, and Dana, you're the best!

D7ana said...

Oh, but when you post, you are the best!

You da man

No, you da man

No, no, you da man - LOL

Dana getting sillier as the hours advance