Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The most fun.

As a person who loves junk, and I mean LOVES it. This hobby friggin' rocks. Every time you leave your house, it's a chance to accumulate stuff for the little world you're creating. The photo attached to this post is a prime example. This is a quick room setting I put together to stage a couple of my 15 inch fashion dolls. Here's a quick run down of what went into this little room. The dolls in the photo are Gabriel and Hiroko from R&D dolls. The little guy is an AI doll from Jun Planning.
Starting at the floor, the carpet is an upholstery sample from IKEA, I picked it up in the 'As-is" department for $1The headboard for the bed was a jewelry case riser(we broke the little legs off) from a now defunct department store. Also from the same case are the pillows. You may have seen these with a watch or bracelet wrapped around them, the last time you were shopping. The side tables are candlesticks from the dollar store, guess how much! The lamps are little vases that came in a set of 3. I have no idea where or when I bought those, I know they were cheap. It just goes to show, never throw anything away, but squirrel it away until the time is right!(sorry, that's the crazy talking) The lamp shades are spray paint can lids covered in resume paper, you don't have to buy everything. The quilt on the bed is a place mat. The art work over the bed came off the back of a calendar I have been saving for a couple years. The curtains are from AC Moore, they are scarves from a rack in the back, be sure to keep an eye out for good scale when doing miniatures. The print on the scarf is almost too big, but it still works. In the foreground a touch of cabinetry can just be seen, this is a jewelry box I saved from the trash at my friends house. The chandelier is a Christmas tree ornament, and the greenery is plain ol' greenery from the craft store. When you have a hobby like this, just like with homeland security, YOU MUST ALWAYS BE VIGILANT, to find those pretty little things that make your hobby, awesome. Oh and having a big basement helps too.

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LBWright said...

Mark Ocampo...this is amazing!!! something has to come of this, someone needs to pay you for you genius creativity! I am telling you , this should be made into a movie. I love it, the decor , the finds, everything is so great!!!