Friday, January 23, 2009

...and so we begin

I have no idea where to begin this blog... so, I'll start with one picture. The doll shown is Francisco Leon. He's in a room setting I put together. The table and china cabinet are from Gloria, spray painted a matte white. The table accessories come from different sources. The candelabra is a set piece from Gloria, the Buddhas I picked up in Hawaii, the food is from a Barbie kitchen, the plant my partner put together from bits of green, and the ball we found in an auction lot. The carpeting is framing mat board. Hope you like it.



i've seen most of the pictures of your super cool house... and im spechless!! it's simply AMAZING!!! i've always wanted 2 do something like this for my Barbies. When i waas a child i didn't like any of the Barbie's Houses because they were all in pink, i wanted a more real house for my dolls..something like what you did =) i think that next summer when im on university holidays i'll start doin' something like this!! =) you're amazing!! =) congratulations from spain!!

Super Cool Doll House said...

Divina Mente! Thanks so much for looking. I love it when people find the same joy I do in this hobby. I'm sorry for responding so long after you posted, I have been sooo engaged with other things. Hope you have as much fun as I do!
-Mark (SCD)