Monday, January 26, 2009

Little worlds

When I was five years old or so, I received my favorite Christmas present EVER. It was a General Mills/Kenner Treetot house. When compressed it looked like a tree, and attached was a little bush. Press a button on top and the top part popped up and revealed a three room house. The bush concealed a dog house. With this gift began my fascination with miniatures and the little worlds you can create. Here are some pictures of a little world I created using 12 inch fashion dolls. I try very hard to create a sense of depth and layers. I love it when a real sense of space and movement can be gleamed from a photo. I'm not there yet with my own designs, but I'm tyring! Please forgive the unfinished portions(I get bored with projects easily). Dolls in this phots: Fashion Royalty: Isha, Francisco Leon, Kyori Sato, Pierre Devries. Volks WTG: Mami and Tekaru. Mattel: Barbie and Kayla.

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