Thursday, March 5, 2015

Could it be true?

Just a quick post between stupid snow shoveling.

Has anyone vetted either of these sites?

The Real Doll Nerd stumbled across them?  Will these fill the gap since THE DOLLPAGE went dark?

I hope so....



Phyllis said...

This is the first I have heard of these sites. has sellers that I recognize and trust like Twisty, Leo Cooper, Terri Gold. So I would say that this site is legit. Ms. Leo has a reference to this site on her blog page.

I looked at and don't recognize anyone there, but that doesn't mean they are not legit.

D7ana said... is new to me. But like Phyllis, I recognize and trust Leo Cooper (Ms. Leo fame) and Terri Gold.

I'm glad to see that The Doll Page is making a comeback. They were the go to site for doll collectors tired of eBay. I have photo albums there that need updating ;-P