Saturday, December 24, 2011

Petra Noir

If you poke around the interwebs you can find some very interesting things.  For instance, many cultures out there have Santa AAAAND Santa's antithesis.  A character who travels with Santa and punishes the naugty children.  This link here will tell you of a few.  I've always been a fan of balance, ying and yang.  Light and dark, good and evil, sunshine and rain, Midge and Francie etc.  So here I present Petra Noir,  a play on the name Black Peter, one of Santa's unloving companions.  It's just two photos, but it's enough.  All the little Kellys and Skippers of the doll world better "watch out."  -Enjoy

 Petra Noir and her assistant Krampoint.0 review the naughty list that the nice man forwarded her.  Krampoint.0 reads the handwritten list and Petra cross checks the digital data base she keeps.  Evolved from her predecessors, Petra neither whips the naughts or even eats them for Christmas dinner.  She just hacks into their new e-toys and crashes them.  She also delivers a traditional lump of coal for good measure.

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mjonczak said...

So, THAT'S the origins of your Christmas card!