Saturday, December 24, 2011


Happy Festivus!  The uber PC, slightly naughty term used to celebrate all the winter holidays!  "Gearing" up for the big night is a certain someone's E.L.F. or Electronic Labor Force!  
Scanner on the left scans and inventories the incoming goods from the many retailers  that  the 'man' sources from across the globe!  Gone are the days of meat elves complaining about long work hours, and insurance claims.  Toys are ordered online now, sent to the North Pole and distributed among the nice children of the world.  Spanner on the right is in charge of logging each outgoing present and makes sure each deserving child is on  the "list."

 Que-cee does that quality control.  This E.L.F.  makes sure no toys are broken as they leave the north pole.  Que-cee also makes sure that outgoing goods meet the North Pole's health and safety standards for toys.  The highest standards globally!

Dragger is in charge of off loading the freight containers that arrive daily.  Bagger is in charge of getting each gift that has been secured for delivery to the correct loading area for delivery.  It's very important to get the correct gift to the correct magical bag.  They are interchangeable and versatile, able to switch jobs as the incoming and outgoing activity varies from one time of the year to another.

Some things are still done by the 'man' though.  He manually looks over the naughty or nice list, and informs his E.L.F. crew as to the status of each child.


D7ana said...

Happy Festivus indeed! I love the bit about "meat elves," lol.

Thanks for the link about Black Peter. I recall there being a "dark companion" of Santa, but I forgot the name. Hadn't thought that the companion was literally "dark" - d'oh moment there. Then ;-D

I remember that the mean sidekick "spat tobacco juice" in children's eyes. No, wait, that is what my Dad told us Santa Claus would do if we stayed up late.

I like the "man" in his updated red suit (kooo-ee, with black leather slacks, wow).

mjonczak said...

No! That man who "spat tobacco juice" in the eye was Mr. Dick Petra, my high school gym teacher back in '65. That's what he told us he would do if we weren't dressed in our gym uniforms. I don't recall anyone ever being out of uniform.
Thanx, Mark for the scenes.