Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Ahhhh.... Christmastime!  The crisp cool air, scarves, mittens, big coats and boots.... cue the record scratch.   Nope, nope and nope.  Much like the rest of the US's mid-Atlantic, SuperCoolDollHouse City has been experiencing record braking warm days.  70 degrees in December?  Possibly the same on Christmas day?   What the what??????

Somethin' ain't right is all I have to say.  It's hard getting into the spirit of the holidays when the dogwood trees think it's spring, and are blooming.  This is really happening.  I must say it was nice to put up my Christmas lights in mild temps, but enough already!  I want to feel the frosty grass under my boots, and I want to see my frozen breath hang in the air.  I may even be desperate enough to do a snow dance to the tune of Do You Want To Build A Snowman.  Oh wait, no, no one should ever be THAT desperate.

I guess it's time to lean in and make the magic happen!  That's exactly what sisters Ning and Ding are doing.  They ran into each other at the local IKEA.  Which by the way is running an AMAZING promotion with their soft toys.  For each soft toy you purchase, IKEA will donate one EURO to a charity that helps children!  Check out the details here.

 Here's Coe!  He's picked up some hours at the local IKEA, hanging signs.

 Sisters Ning and Ding bump into each other.  They wore their new Christmas sweaters despite the warm temperatures.

 On purse holding duty are the men in the sisters' lives.
Ty is Ding's eternal on again off again dude.  Lex is Ning's very steady beau.

Lex:  ... so are you guys going to that ugly sweater party too?  Your sweaters are too much... Hahaha.
Ty:  sigh... no... this is just how Ding rolls right now....
Lex:  Sorry man...

 Ding:  Ty and I are on our way to the Children's hospital, we're gonna bring some toys for                their Christmas party!
Ning:  Oh that's great sis, I love how you dressed extra silly for the kids...
Ding:  What do you mean?
Ning:  Oh, huh, what?  I mean, oh sis you look real pretty.

 Ding:  Go get a cart Ty, we're taking all of them.

Ning:  We'll go get one for you, we need a cart too.  I think we'll go with you and bring toys.

... and end scene.  

 Next, I want to spread the word about something very exciting!  I'll do bigger post later concerning this!  But please look now!  CLICK HERE!


Ty and Lex started their journey to SCD as Kenner Starting Lineup figures from the 90s, don't they look great with the girls?

-enjoy  SCD


All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: In my country we are also taking one month dediciembre very hot. The weather is crazy. I love the Christmas sweaters that your dolls are wearing. Great and very real your Ikea store. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

What a great Christmas story to get us in the spirit. The ladies look great with their gents. Your mock Ikea is so cute. Personally, my dolls love the warm weather we are having. They are still sporting their Christmas sweaters, but it's nice to be able to take those nice long walks at their local park.

Ms. Leo said...

I love the sweaters! Everyone looks great in them. It does have Ikea feel!