Sunday, November 1, 2015


Oh hello there!  It looks like it's time for my seasonal update lol.  Shame on SCD for not posting regularly, but then again, this is what having a hobby is all about :)  

In the last few years the term Samhain has found it's way into my bubble of knowledge.  Without doing the research, I figured it was some sort of pagan term about fall, or such, and I was right!  Despite the look of the word, it is not a harvest devil or anything sinister.  

Let me back up a bit and drop some facts.  Samhain, is correctly pronounced "SOW-en"  or a close version of that.  To you legit Wiccans, please don't bombard me with proper pronunciation, "SOW-en" just connected with me for whatever reason.  In broadstrokes, Samhain is a Gaelic festival, loosely between the autumnal equinox and the vernal solstice, or between the first day of fall and winter.  It takes note of the entrance into the darkest half of the year.  The entrance to the lightest half of year is then denoted by Beltane, right around May Day, or roughly between the first day of spring and summer.

Soooo.... Samhain, falls on November 1.  The day after Halloween.  Which is probably why I like "SOW-en" as I can now relate  "HALLOW-en" with "Sow-en."  The interwebs say and don't say the two are are related, so go a Googlin' if you are curious, but I'm pretty sure you are not :)

I quite like another day to mark the time, it seems as I get older, the days are on fast forward.  I work in retail and in that business one is always planning two seasons ahead, and implementing one season ahead.  It's rare I can enjoy the seasons as they come.

Anyway Mani and Mimi are decked out in their Halloween gear.  Here they are last night, getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating!  Mimi's a punk rock ballerina, and sour face Mani just claims to be "chaperone."  However, he did put some effort into his outfit....

In modern terms, Halloween (and now Samhain) kicks off the holidays for many, so here we go careening into the New Year.  I will do at least one more post this year, and hopefully sneak another one too, in any case, see you on the other side!

PS.  Dana, thank you for tagging me.  I haven't checked in to my blog for a minute and just saw your comment.  I will do my post right now, but I'll save it and post it later.  Just gonna give Samhain some time to breathe :)

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