Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back To Cool

These past two weeks, social media has been happily flowing with back to school pictures.  It was fun to see all the little faces.  Some brave, some super psyched, and some in tears.  Regardless of their emotions, it looked like they were stepping off of school buses and right onto runways :)  

Looking at all the pics, it reminds me of my own first days.  With the exception of my Jams in 1985, it was pretty standard.  Polos, jeans, rugby shirts, funny t-shirts etc., but these kids look like they're all about to hit the VMAs!  I was inspired to send a couple of my younger dolls off to SCD Middle School. 

My two favorite dolls in this age group are of course Ricky and Skipper.  Their original bodies are less than desirable.  The bodies are exactly the same for both, and have no articulation.  Booooo!  When I first saw the Monster High Dolls, the brain started working, and look what happened!  What do you think?  -enjoy

Ricky patiently waits for Skipper so his dad can take them to school.

 Here's Skipper!  Late as usual, trying to get her look together :)

 One more good picture for Facebook

...and Skipper needs a solo... of course.


Vanessa said...

Very nice pictures!

D7ana said...

First - I love the posing here and the new house front. It looks like Skipper and Ricky come from a wealthy family ;-) But hey, Barbie is Skipper's big sister so, no surprise there.

I'm surprised how supercool Skipper looks. (She resembles my Malibu Skipper from the 1970s.)

I'm not as fond of Ricky, on the other hand. He looks as though he lost a lot of weight in a short time.

Thanks for sharing this classy setting ;-)

D7ana said...

My original comment got lost when I tried to post it at the Free Library. Grrr ... timed out.

Anyway, I love how you've rebodied Ricky and Skipper so that they can be posed. Yay, articulation. I like the third photo best - where Skipper and Ricky are posed together in front of the mansion. (And that is one super cool mansion behind them.)

Good to see these two in action. (I have a Malibu Skipper somewhere. No Ricky though. Shrug.)

Super Cool Doll House said...
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Super Cool Doll House said...

I'm the worst at saying thank you ! Vanessa, if you ever get back to looking at these comments, thank you so much for your complement. Dana, I just checked my account and saw your two comments patiently sitting there. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I have always loved these two characters, now they get to be part of the madness!

D7ana said...

LOL at my comments waiting patiently ;-)