Monday, November 15, 2010

I Need a Doctor!

... here I am, with my tail between my legs... I know, I know... haven't been very active on the blog scene, but alas I'm here now ha HA! It's been six long months since I've produced anything, no real reason why, perhaps just a bit of malaise. BUT... revel in the dark as it makes the light so much more joyous or whatever... lol.

Anyway, came down with a nasty cold(thanks TRDN), and have been out of commission for a few days. As I lay in my chair watching TV, this diorama was giving me the evil eye as it's been languishing on the shop table for literally months. So, I got my little paint brush out and gave it a good dusting, added a few details and started clicking away the digital camera. I got a little inspiration for this this past Saturday when BBC America played the entire Series 5 of the modern Doctor Who.. and with this dumb cold, I sure could use a Doctor!

I was hoping to have made a tiny Tardis police box by now, but here we are. Enjoy

Flying the Tardis! SZhooVA...SZhooVA...SZhooVA!

Sonic Screw Driver!

Companions Suzie and Poe

What would the Tardis be without The Doctor?

It's bigger on the inside!

In case you were wondering: Suzie's wig: made by TRDN, Poe: A GI Joe Clone head on a Flava's body, Tardis Console: a pie dish, with a bud vase, and all kinds of doo dads hot glued on, lighting is from IKEA from assorted times, floor: IKEA shelf liner, coat rack: Gloria, painted, Chairs: off of ebay, and all kinds of things, but those are the unique things!

For more pics visit my Flickr site.


Niel Camhalla said...

I saw your Flickr pics before I came here so I left some questions there that are now answered. ;)

D7ana said...

Yay, you're back! Supercooldollhouse!

Glad to see you and your new diorama.

My sympathies regarding the cold; I'm wrestling with one, now.

Pubdoll said...

Ha, ha, great idea! I love the Tardis console!
Nice to have you back, hope you get rid of the cold soon!

Milan Christian said...

I want you to know that, a while back when I was going through some pretty tough lonely times I found your blog. Had NEVER seen anything like it and fell in love.
Your work is awesome and let's just say you've created a monster here. I'm doll crazy now. It took me five months but I finally put a blog together and I hope it entertains you as much as yours does me. So in your down time when your not blogging you can blog vicariously through me (smile)

Also as a token of my apprectiation for your inspiration if you see ANYTHING on my blog that you want me to make for you just ask and it's yours.
Hope your feeling better.
BTW, I have 3 blogs, the (M.A.D.E. store blog) is the one I think you'll like.
I don't know if you can post links here but I'll try

Super Cool Doll House said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your support. I love what I do and I love what you do to! As always, thanks for visiting. Even though I haven't blogged that much this year, reading your blogs always kept me inspired.

Much love, Mark : )

PS Milan! I'm so glad you found me, and I love your stuff! I may take you up on your offer soon.