Sunday, April 19, 2009

Powder My Vinyl

Even a vinyl person needs to excuse himself once in while.  Visit my Flickr account for more pictures.  Enjoy!

Above and below:  Francisco Leon models his new threads from Taylor's V. 
 Look them up on Ebay.

In case you were wondering:

Cabinet under window: From 2002's Barbie Classroom Playset.  Click here for the original color.
Toilet wall treatment: From the Barbie Fashion Mall, sprayed black and accented with raspberry paint.  Click here for the original color.
Toilet: Artful joke toilet, painted black,  click here for original picture.
Vanity: From a Barbie bathroom set, click here for original color.
Floor: Scrap book paper
Wall paper: From IKEA as is department, the extra lenth from a pair of hemmed curtains.
Ballerina: From the collection of my partner, The Real Doll Nerd.
Accessories: A mix of Gloria, Barbie and beads from my friend AMR.


Mike said...

wow. how long does it take you to do a project like this one???

Supercool dollhouse said...

I had the frame of the room set up already. That's the hard part, cutting the plywood, cutting the windows and doors out can take a day. The fun part, painting, decorating etc. may take another whole day, if that's all I do.

Niel Camhalla said...

You're very talented. :) And I like the color scheme. It's kinda sexy.